Simplify the Complex with GoMeddo’s Unlimited Scheduling Experience in Salesforce

With modernization deadlines in place, State and Local governments, as well as Educational institutes will need to find new and inventive ways to transform their operations and continue providing essential services to their citizens/students. Learn how to achieve this with GoMeddo, for public services, scheduling and booking.

Citizens expect the same type of (customer) experience from government institutions as they get from commercial companies when looking for and making use of governmental services. In the meantime, state and local governments are confronted with budget cuts; limited resources; backlogs and workforce capacity challenges.

Technology will play a significant role in transforming operational effectiveness across the public sector. GoMeddo is such a technology, specifically designed to resolve all your resourcing and booking needs related to service provisioning.

GoMeddo leverages the power of Salesforce (a SAAS platform offering low risk and scalable and faster deployment models) to make any service booking requirement a possibility. Let’s free up resources, assets, spaces, people and customers and maximise their impact!

GoMeddo supports a full business cycle, from planning; reservation to booking and invoicing and/or payment processing. And with all data stored in Salesforce you can easily (re)engage with your customers/citizens.

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