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Communication Expertise Meets Data-Driven Precision for Quantifiable Outcomes

We are living in the midst of a technological revolution like never before. AI is blazing the trail of innovation and creating amazing advancements and societal advantages. KLaunch's ability to harness the good in these technologies for the benefit of our communities, neighbors and societies is important to our mission and calling. KLaunch is forging empowered solutions that Advance Human Interaction™ to conveniently connect more people to their interests, their communities, their networks, and important services.

KLaunch KBot Lightning platform is true omni-channel at the intersection of engagement, conversation, and data. It fuels your business ecosystem with seamless communications across, and within, five service categories that automate and operationalize workflows and consumer journeys. A no code/low code conversational AI platform, KBot Lightning software and ML/NLP technologies combine with over 130 integrations to enable organizations of all sizes ability to build, distribute, and manage immersive mobile messaging and web based chatbot campaigns. Each and every touchpoint, sentiment, behavior and data node are captured and presented for real-time and meaningful decisioning. Interactions are dynamic and self-directed by constituents through hyper-personalized conversation 1 to 1 at scale. Every consumer touchpoint is intuitive and each journey frictionless.

Keys of KBot Lightning lie in the ability to blend human expertise and data science with machine efficiency while accelerating legacy investment.  The benefits to the public sector are improved employee morale, acquisition of untapped data, increased operating efficiency, and real-time mapping and extension of agency programming to match consumer needs and behaviors. This elevates communications to the masses, at scale, and positively amplifies customer satisfaction. KLaunch technologies bridge hearts, minds, and communities through communications which undoubtedly bring opportunity for more people to be heard, seen, understood, and valued.

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