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Transform Your Agency's Operations on the Salesforce Platform

Supply Chain Management on the Salesforce Platform

At Legendary Supply Chain, we recognize the utmost importance of precision and traceability when overseeing warehouse operations, repairs, purchasing, and field service- particularly in the public sector. In the absence of an agile and integrated system, public sector agencies often grapple with fragmented information and disjointed processes, resulting in lost assets, financial resources, and valuable time. This is where Legendary Supply Chain comes in. By transitioning your operations to a unified, cloud-based platform, your public sector agency can centralize their activities into a singular database, greatly enhancing communication across all facets of the system.

Legendary Supply Chain delivers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your supply chain management requirements, all on the robust Salesforce platform. Through our partnership with Salesforce, a global leader in cloud architecture, we've leveraged their cutting-edge security and infrastructure with our industry expertise to create a secure and powerful software solution.

While the pillars of Legendary's platform include purchasing, repair, inventory, and field service, its capabilities extend far beyond, with out-of-the-box applications for Order Management, Finance, Administration, Project Management, and Logistics. The Legendary Supply Chain platform drives cross-departmental communication, trims redundant administrative tasks, and enhances operational efficiency throughout your organization.

Public sector agencies dealing with high-tech equipment and parts necessitate a comprehensive, secure, and reliable management system. Legendary's software, built natively on Salesforce, includes functionality to create custom reports, configurable workflows, and features an intuitive interface that transforms intricate business challenges into manageable solutions. To meet the ever-evolving demands of the public sector, these organizations require an advanced system that grants comprehensive control over every aspect of their operations.

Extend Lifecycle of Parts and Equipment with Harvest & Repair

With the Legendary Technical Operations application, public sector agencies gain the capability to efficiently control building, kitting, harvesting, and repairs of equipment and parts. This software equips agencies with the tools to comprehensively track and manage the history and information associated with components extracted from larger systems, extending their lifecycle. Store and manage detailed part and equipment history, maintenance, costs, and repair information for better asset management. 

Data Management

Efficiently organize and maintain data concerning materials, manufacturers, configuration trees, classifications, component types, attributes, compatibility, and service types with the Legendary Data Management application. This application facilitates streamlined supply chain operations and data-driven decision-making.

Inventory and Warehouse

Legendary Supply Chain’s software allows agencies to manage multiple warehouses and offices for inventory moves. Track cycle counts and inventory moves with unparalleled accuracy. This functionality is comprised of warehouses, storage bins, inventory, cycle count, and inventory moves. This helps to increase accurate inventory control and streamlined material handling. 

Field Service

For public sector organizations that involve field service and repair, the Legendary Service app includes functionality for managing service requests, service visits, and equipment. Easily manage customer and vendor agreements within the Legendary application. These capabilities provide organizations with comprehensive control of customer requests, smooth service visits, equipment maintenance, and effective vendor and customer agreement management.

Reduce Administration with Automation

Our advanced software intelligently handles repetitive processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for more value-added activities. From purchase order management to inventory tracking and order processing, automation eliminates manual data entry, minimizes errors, and accelerates task completion. This reduction in labor-intensive activities not only boosts productivity but also increases accuracy, allowing your team to focus on critical decision-making, customer interactions, and innovative initiatives. Legendary Supply Chain's automation empowers public sector organizations to optimize workforce utilization, minimize costs, and propel their operations towards efficiency and success.

Transforming Procurement

The Legendary Order Management application encompasses critical areas such as accounts, contacts, and requisition management (for transactional sales, stock, and MRO orders). This powerful software application includes robust functionality for purchase orders, third party stock, and sourcing items. A comprehensive solution to efficiently manage and process orders, ensuring smooth operations and customer service.