All enterprises are continually going through some form of transformation. Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation experience.

AppBus enables organizations to quickly assemble their most relevant business interactions of people, applications, and devices in a secure manner.

AppBus provides a digital business automation platform that integrates, automates and secures enterprise application delivery to any device on any network. With AppBus, embracing change is simple, we leverage the existing capabilities of an enterprise’s application portfolio, enables greater levels of automation and process transparency and accelerates the delivery of improved user experiences.

AppBus provides one platform to preserve and extend critical business assets for optimal experiences. The platform enables greater innovation and time to value for projects and application that affect employees, customers, and partners.

AppBus is Philadelphia-based company serving global companies that operate in competitive and regulated industries such as Financial Services, Life Sciences/Healthcare, and Service Providers.

AppBus delivers unique time to value and can be an integral part of any transformation project to the public sector market. At a high-level, AppBus dramatically:

  • Reduces cost (Infrastructure)
  • Delivers rapid time to value (Implementation time reduced by up to 75%)
  • Improves efficiency (up to 50%) and user experience
  • Increases application and platform security (zero trust)
  • Provides a seamless end to end (any device) experience
  • Enables and accelerates application rationalization

With AppBus you can preserve and extend existing business assets (even legacy) without modification.


AXP - AppBus eXperience Platform. AXP includes the following:

Integration Suite: Provides Integration and RPA functionality and adds a services management layer to all enterprise applications without changing source code. Integration Suite includes:

  • Distributed Bus: Fully Distributed Application Bus includes configuration portal that enables distributed data sharing
  • Service Manager: RESTful API catalog and manager for accelerated contextualized delivery of application types with AXP
  • UI Studio: Enables rapid creation of HTML 5 user interfaces with little to no coding with deep integration to AXP
  • Platform Adaptor: Adds a new API layer to legacy applications for integration and context sharing. Integrates Windows physical, virtual (VDI), and terminal sessions
  • Workflow Manager: Productivity modeler that allows for automations to be created via drag and drop interface to AXP

Insight: A real-time multi-application log of activities across the AXP ecosystem

Container Suite: Secure Container for Devices, Applications and Operating Systems across the AXP ecosystem. Container Suite includes:

  • 3 Devices per named user
  • Security ZT - Zero Trust security


SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2020


Latest News

AppBus, a digital business automation platform company, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider, today announced a partnership.



AppBus provides a digital business platform that integrates, automates and securely delivers enterprise applications to any device on any network. With AppBus, embracing change is made simple.