Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their container-based applications from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security.

Aqua’s Container Security Platform provides full visibility into container activity, allowing organizations to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks, providing transparent, automated security while helping to enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance.


Aqua’s comprehensive, purpose-built platform for container security provides full visibility and control over containerized environments, with tight runtime security controls and intrusion prevention capabilities, at any scale. The platform provides programmatic access to all its functions through an API.



Latest News

Aqua Security, the leading provider of container security solutions, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., the Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider™, today announced a partnership to bring Aqua's ...
Led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, the Funding Will Propel Aqua’s “Secure Once, Deploy Anywhere” Approach to Revolutionize Application Security for the Cloud-Native Era


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Software containers represent unique security challenges, due to the scale, agility and open nature of container environments. Aqua’s platform is natively architected for containers, providing IT security with full visibility and control over container activity across the lifecycle, while remainin...