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CybernetIQ is an advanced Threat Hunting Solution built on a 3D gaming engine that allow organisations to instantly detect threats across their NETWORK or CYBER asset landscape.


Demystifying Cyber Threat Hunting to Prevent Future Breaches

During this webinar, attendees learned:

  • Why cyber tools cannot prevent breakers alone
  • That every agency has their own set of unique risks and are identified by threat hunting
  • About CybernetIQ CLAW: the most advanced threat hunting tool currently on the market
  • How CLAW visualizes all network and cyber-related risks in a single 3D virtual environment
  • How enhanced logging and analytics can be implemented to better understand user behavior and data access

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Seeing the Cybersecurity Battlefield: A View from the Front

During this webinar, attendees learned:

  • Building a 3D map of the network infrastructure for greater understanding
  • Threat Hunting using existing “living off the land” techniques
  •  How to better contain, identify, and control each security threat
  • See for the first time the each security “layer”, and a full 360 degree picture of the network environment

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Product Brief

What is CLAW?
CLAW = Control Layer Assessment Workstation