An All-In-One Silent Alert and Mass Notification Platform

SaferWatch is a multi-faceted and flexible community safety platform that provides real-time two-way communication between public users and 911 centers to report emergency and non-emergency situations.  SaferWatch improves emergency response time and prevents incidents by supplying actionable intelligence to Law Enforcement, government officials, and school administration.  We provide teachers, staff, and government employees with mobile, wireless, and fixed position panic buttons that connect directly to Law Enforcement.  Public users, parents, and students use the SaferWatch mobile application to document concerns, report tips, and stay informed.  Schools, Cities, Counties, and Law Enforcement Agencies use the SaaS platform to collect information, track incidents, and send timely communications in both emergency and non-emergency situations.  Our mass alert and panic button solutions are easy to deploy, meet Alyssa’s Law requirements, and are currently used by 6 of the largest 10 school districts in the country.

The SaferWatch Platform has three main components:  A mobile application, a browser-based Command Center, and physical Panic Buttons.   

The mobile application provides end-users with virtual panic buttons and tools to report both emergency and non-emergency information.   Authorized users can declare an emergency and have their location, user data and nature of the incident sent directly to 911 with a simple press of an icon.   All users can submit tips with pictures and descriptions with an option to remain anonymous.  The mobile application is free to download and runs on IOS and Android.

The Command Center monitors SaferWatch users and panic buttons, and provides mass notifications, alerts, and incident management.  Inbound alerts provide precise location and incident data as well as updates with pictures and video from the reporter.  Operators can initiate two-way video and location tracking with any reporter’s cell phone via an SMS message and share this data with the responding officers.   Mass notifications with any type of media can be sent from the console and restricted to a specific geo-location or user type.   With open APIs, the SaferWatch platform has been integrated with multiple CAD and emergency management systems, cameras, and other sensors.  In many cases, the Command Center is used as a “single pane” of glass for multiple alerting systems.

SaferWatch provides four different types of panic buttons and can integrate with third party equipment.    Fixed position wireless buttons can be mounted under a desk and do not require any wiring.  Mobile Wireless buttons and wearable id card holders can be carried or worn by staff and provide multiple alert options and precise indoor location.   Mobile LTE buttons work anywhere and are used to support employees that are always on the move or have a higher threat threshold like judges, utility workers, inspectors, and social service providers.  All the panic buttons are easy to deploy and use, improve safety, and provide peace of mind.

Over 2000 schools, 5000 locations, and 200 Law Enforcement Agencies use SaferWatch to help schools and communities stay safer and better connected.

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