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Licensing and Risk Management Software for Regulatory Agencies

Modernize Your Regulatory Agency

Modernize and digitally transform your regulatory agency with GL Solutions. Developed by former regulatory officials, our GL Suite software automates every step of your regulatory process—applications, renewals, notifications, suspensions, and anything else your agency requires. And our step-by-step process to modernize your agency makes transforming your regulatory processes simple.

Transform Your Regulatory Processes

With 25 years of regulatory software experience GL Solutions implements a faster, more accurate, more efficient process that improves both your agency’s capacity and the customer experience you deliver.

In the nearly 25 years since, GL Solutions continues to innovate and evolve its regulatory software and related services. Today, GL Suite transforms and digitizes operations for scores of agencies and departments nationwide, including:

  • Human services departments
  • Contractors boards
  • Medical boards
  • Cosmetology boards
  • Accountancy boards
  • And many more

Our company strives to improve government agencies through better software and more efficient workflows, empowering public servants to better serve the citizens they protect.

Improve Your Regulatory Outcomes

State agencies from Alaska to Connecticut already use GL Suite, GL Solutions’ configurable regulatory SaaS solution, to improve processes and outcomes.

GL Suite helps agencies:

  • Automate business processes
  • Save time and money
  • Increase efficiency
  • Adapt to ever-changing legislative and regulatory requirements

Partnering with GL Solutions results in an agency with less paperwork and better communication, along with strong security with Azure hosting.

GL Solutions provides outstanding information systems that improve the organizational productivity of state government agencies. GL Solutions stands apart in the industry with the ability to deliver all desired functionality, at an affordable price, in a timeframe that meets even the tightest of schedules. The company stands on a solid bedrock of government regulatory expertise and an unwavering commitment to improving the productivity of government organizations.

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