Dataguise is the leading provider of data privacy protection and compliance intelligence for sensitive data assets stored in both Big Data and traditional repositories. Dataguise's comprehensive and centrally managed solutions allow government agencies to maintain a 360 degree view of their sensitive data, evaluate their compliance exposure risks, and enforce the most appropriate remediation policies, whether the data is stored on premises or in the cloud.

Dataguise solutions proactively detect sensitive data across the entire organization, including cloud deployments. Dataguise locates and identifies sensitive data in all the major repositories and provides your organization with the intelligence it needs to evaluate exposure risk. Depending on the types of data and repositories, Dataguise can help your organization define and enforce the appropriate remediation policies, such as data masking or data quarantine, so that your data can be safely shared with employees and external parties without exposing the organization to compliance violations.

DG for Hadoop, one of Dataguise's key solutions, allows government organizations to determine the most appropriate remediation technique based on privacy requirements.

Key features include:

  • Selective encryption 
  • Contextual-based data discovery 
  • Consistent masking across a single or multiple 
  • Hadoop clusters Simplified management 
  • Compliance audit reports


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