Every day around the world, digital data is impacting investigations. Making it intelligent and actionable is what Cellebrite does best. A pioneer of mobile data forensics since 1999 with a passion for technology innovation, Cellebrite is uniquely positioned to address the rapidly evolving needs of its diverse customer base to access, unify and defend digital evidence of all kinds. Together, our powerful UFED solutions deliver the only complete, end-to-end Digital Forensics Platform on the market. Our track record remains unchallenged. Our results? Proven and well documented. With more than 40,000 UFED licenses deployed globally in 100 countries, we allow law enforcement, intelligence services, border patrols, special forces, military and the private sector to achieve their missions quickly and effectively.


  • Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) Series
    • UFED Touch – standalone mobile forensic extraction device
    • UFED 4PC – mobile forensic extraction and analysis software that runs on existing hardware
    • UFED TK - UFED technology pre-installed on one of three Panasonic Toughpad and Toughbook platforms - G-1, CF-19, CF-53
    • UFED InField Kiosk - “all-in-one” mobile forensic kiosk
    • UFED CHINEX – provides physical extraction and decoding of phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets – MTK, Spreadtrum and Infineon
    • UFED Camera – camera kit for manual evidence collection
  • UFED Training Classes
    • Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals (CMFF)
    • Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO)
    • Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA)
    • Cellebrite Certified UFED Field Operator (CUFO)
    • Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis (CASA)


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Cellebrite’s UFED CHINEX solution enables the physical extraction of evidentiary data and passwords from phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets, such as MTK, Spreadtrum and Infineon. UFED CHINEX is available as an add-on to the Ultimate solution offering, enhancing mobile forensic inves...


UFED Touch is a comprehensive mobile forensic solution enabling investigators to extract, decode and analyze evidentiary data in a forensically sound manner from the widest range of mobile devices. With an intuitive touch screen interface and an integrated battery, the UFED Touch is designed for ...

UFED 4PC is a cost-effective, flexible and convenient application suite for any investigative or intelligence personnel requiring a mobile forensic tool kit on their existing PC or laptop. UFED 4PC extends its trusted UFED software technology to provide users with advanced data extraction capabil...

UFED TK is a rugged mobile forensic solution enabling users to perform extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting alongside other third-party software, on a single ruggedized platform. The complete turn-key solution provides users a suite of mobile forensic applications pre-installed on a varie...

Mobile device evidence is now critical to proving innocence or guilt; revealing details and insights that can speed investigations. Having the ability to quickly extract and act on mobile data in the field is now a key capability. Leveraging the trusted UFED platform, the UFED InField Kiosk featu...

Open to all user levels, from beginners to advanced, Cellebrite certification training provides hands-on experience with Cellebrite products and applications, delivering the tools and knowledge required for evidence collection from mobile phones and portable GPS devices, data analysis, searching, an...

The Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals (CMFF) Course is a 1 day course designed for the investigator/examiner new to mobile device forensics and provides the fundamental knowledge to comprehend and investigate incidents involving mobile devices. Participants are introduced to baseline concepts ...

The Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator (CCLO) Course is designed for the first responder and the basic to intermediate investigator / examiner. This 2 day course builds on the concepts imparted in the CMFF course and exposes students to the fundamentals of mobile device investigations, logical ex...

The Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone class is an advanced-level three day, twenty one hour course lead by Cellebrite Certified Instructors (CCIs). During this Advanced Series course the students will take an in-depth look into the challenges presented by iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. This h...


High level crimes such as violent home invasions can have everyone on edge. As the clock is ticking, investigators are under pressure to get the data quickly and obtain as much evidence as possible to build a bigger picture and advance the situation. Download the whitepaper to understand how Cellebr...