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Cyber attacks are on the rise across all levels of government, and this poses a significant risk to national security. Public sector agencies need cybersecurity tools to protect critical data at every endpoint.

The dedicated Cybersecurity team at Carahsoft specializes in providing Federal, State and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare organizations with security solutions to safeguard their cyber ecosystem. Our certified Government Product Specialists help our customers build comprehensive cyber solution stacks to meet the governments evolving cybersecurity requirements.

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Your Trusted Government Security Solutions Provider

Carahsoft has established strategic, long-term relationships with the industry’s leading cybersecurity manufacturers to offer government entities proven, cost-effective protection for infrastructures, networks and assets. Carahsoft holds various contracts that enable us, our vendors and reseller partners to serve public sector customers throughout the United States and Canada, including:

  • Agency-specific agreements
  • Government-wide acquisition vehicles
  • State, local and education cooperative purchasing contracts

View our extensive cybersecurity solutions portfolio below.

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  • Leading Cybersecurity Solutions (14)
  • Network & Infrastructure (21)
  • Security Operations & Incident Response (7)
  • Endpoint Security (10)
  • Identity & Access Management (14)
  • Web & Messaging Security (11)
  • Risk & Compliance (17)
  • Mobile Security (6)
  • Data Security (17)
  • IOT & Industrial Security (6)
  • Cyber Skills Training (3)
  • DevSecOps (6)

All Cybersecurity Vendors

Education: Learn About Cybersecurity Innovation

Agencies across the government are intently focused on cyber initiatives, driven in part by evolving threats and in part by the directives of the White House’s executive order on improving cybersecurity. That said, it’s not like one day government’s security leaders suddenly began working on zero trust.
Cybersecurity affects us all, so we wanted to make this resource inclusive. We are taking the best of what human-centered design and intentional language can teach us about effectively communicating major security shifts that are impacting and will continue to impact how you work, where you work and your ability to serve a diverse public using technology effectively and securely.
Organizations that implement a range of best practices are better at closing IT security gaps and making the most of their cybersecurity investments. HPE executives Joe Vidal, master technologist in the company’s Office of North America CTO, and Allen Whipple, server security and management solutions business manager, discuss key strategies for improving and simplifying IT security.

Community Blog: Trends in Cybersecurity

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Latest Cybersecurity News

Carahsoft February 02, 2022

Leveraging previous FedRAMP authorization experience, CyberRes to increase footprint and build on their track record of success.


Carahsoft January 11, 2022

In its seventh annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey Report released this morning, SolarWinds found that a majority of education organizations surveyed have not improved their cybersecurity detection or resolution capabilities — even as attacks against schools have skyrocketed during the pandemic.