Empowering Digital Transformation across Public Sector

You can’t expect government employees to adapt to large new digital changes overnight. You also need to provide guidance, tutorials, and support to citizens engaging with new digital portals and services.

With Whatfix, government services are empowered to create in-app guidance and on-demand self-help that provides public sector employees with interactive onboarding, moment of need support, in-app walkthroughs, field validations, and more – all to help them adapt to new process changes and government systems.

It also allows public services to create in-app guidance for citizens engaging with digital experiences to provide a simple application experience that is intuitive, as well as provide self-help for citizens that need a little contextual support.

With Whatfix, you can track the adoption of these new digital tools and processes with end-user behavior analytics to identify friction points, address commonly asked questions, support end-users, and drive overall adoption of new applications to support your overall digital transformation strategy.

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