A Comprehensive, Outcomes-Driven, and Trauma-Informed, Case Management Solution Powered by ServiceNow

Developed by the internationally respected psychologists and professors at Multi-Dimensional Education Inc, experts in evaluation of at-risk populations, psychometrics and analytics, the VitalChild-VitalClient outcomes-based case management COTS solution is a scoped-app in ServiceNow. VitalChild-VitalClient provides a cloud-powered, modular-based research methodology for documenting and guiding data collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and reporting of evidence.  Developed for efforts such as CCWIS and scalable across HHS, the modules consist of the intake, investigation, case management, assessments, analytics & reporting, placement, provider licensing/application, and training.  VitalChild-VitalClient is configured so that these connected modules “speak with each other”, allowing data collected across agencies to be shared across modules, accessible in real-time to authorized users, and used to empower predictive analytics and guide evidence-driven decision making.

By helping you collect higher quality data across agencies, our operational and predictive analysis can more safely be completed to intelligently configure modules to produce alerts and ticklers for treatment protocol and placement recommendations. Essential to evidence-driven decision making in child welfare, this information often connected to APS and CPS reports of neglect and abuse, investigations, case management, placement, and licensing, can be used to empower outcomes monitoring of clients and providers managed by human services and other agencies within the public sector.