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Modern education is increasingly reliant on new technologies that optimize productivity and security to help educators instruct students more efficiently and effectively in any learning environment. Carahsoft, a leading IT distributor, offers a broad array of innovative technology solutions and purchasing options to help schools, faculty, students and stakeholders bridge the digital divide and meet the demands of modern education.

Smart Classrooms for Higher Education & K-12 Schools

Carahsoft’s best-of-breed portfolio of EdTech providers features purpose-built solutions for education, including learning management systems, school security and equipment, content management and data analytics, workforce readiness, hybrid learning and collaboration, and funding services for schools. Our top-performing education contracts are designed specifically to address the flexibility necessary to deliver what schools need when they need it. Learn more about our technology partners and purchasing agreements for Higher Education and K-12 schools below.

IT Solutions for Higher Education


Colleges and universities are embracing cybersecurity, cloud solutions and other innovative technologies to protect student privacy, personalize learning experiences and optimize resources. Explore Carahsoft’s leading technology partners that offer purpose-built solutions for higher education as well as our portfolio of contract vehicles to help you streamline procurement.

IT Solutions for K-12 Districts and Schools


With innovative learning management systems, educational devices, apps and software, K-12 schools can ensure that learning environments are intuitive, reliable and secure. Discover Carahsoft’s specialized education contracts, tailored technology solutions for K-12 use cases and professional development systems that are helping schools digitally transform to meet evolving stakeholder needs.

Explore Carahsoft's Top Education Technology Vendors

Identify best-in-class EdTech solutions based on your institution’s unique use cases and needs. Select a technology vendor below to learn more about their mission, products and offerings.  

  • All Education Technology Vendors
  • Learning Management Systems (6)
  • Student Safety & Cybersecurity (9)
  • Content Management & Data Analytics (9)
  • Workforce Readiness (5)
  • Funding Services for Schools (2)

All Education Technology Vendors

Carahsoft's education technology portfolio features today's best-of-breed IT solutions for academic institutions, enhancing student learning and enabling faculty to meet the needs of Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools. Choose a technology vendor below to explore its EdTech solutions and services.

Education Contracts & Procurement Agreements

Innovation in Education

Institutions find themselves at different points on the cloud trajectory, balancing mission-critical priorities and ROI from cloud solutions.
K–12 technology leaders are applying the lessons they learned during the pandemic to build more innovative, resilient educational systems.
The pandemic and the growing awareness of the need for diversity, equity and inclusion are driving fundamental changes on campuses. To succeed, K–12 districts must find ways to integrate legacy and modern solutions, harness data to improve student experiences, and rethink the way technology is used in the classroom.



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K – 12 schools and colleges are a lucrative target for cybercrime groups due to the large attack surface, relaxed BYOD policies, and lack of investment in cybersecurity resources. Educational institutions collect and store a treasure trove of personally identifiable (PII) information, have financial information for tuition, and can serve as a jumping-off point for other sophisticated cyberattacks.


HybridCloudObservability_datasheet_2_final_thumbnail.PNG EDUCATION RESOURCE
A comprehensive, integrated, and full-stack observability solution for hybrid IT environments. Designed to support organizations of all sizes and provide centralized visibility with real-time dashboards and actionable intelligence powered by AIOps and machine learning.



Carahsoft November 03, 2021

Carahsoft, The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, and Splashtop, a leader in next-generation remote access and remote support software, today announced a partnership.


Carahsoft October 26, 2021

Class Technologies Inc., the company transforming virtual education by adding teaching and learning tools to Zoom, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced that Carahsoft will distribute Class software to the U.S. Public Sector.