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Modern education is increasingly reliant on new technologies that optimize productivity and security to help educators instruct students more efficiently and effectively in any learning environment. Carahsoft, The Trusted Education IT Solutions Provider​​​​, offers a broad array of innovative technology solutions and purchasing options to help schools, faculty, students and stakeholders bridge the digital divide and meet the demands of modern education.

Smart Classrooms for Higher Education & K-12 Schools

Carahsoft’s best-of-breed portfolio of EdTech providers features purpose-built solutions for education, including learning management systems, school security and equipment, content management and data analytics, workforce readiness, hybrid learning and collaboration, and funding services for schools. Our top-performing education contracts are designed specifically to address the flexibility necessary to deliver what schools need when they need it. Learn more about our technology partners and purchasing agreements for Higher Education and K-12 schools below.

IT Solutions for Higher Education


Colleges and universities are embracing cybersecurity, cloud solutions and other innovative technologies to protect student privacy, personalize learning experiences and optimize resources. Explore Carahsoft’s leading technology partners that offer purpose-built solutions for higher education as well as our portfolio of contract vehicles to help you streamline procurement.

IT Solutions for K-12 Districts and Schools


With innovative learning management systems, educational devices, apps and software, K-12 schools can ensure that learning environments are intuitive, reliable and secure. Discover Carahsoft’s specialized education contracts, tailored technology solutions for K-12 use cases and professional development systems that are helping schools digitally transform to meet evolving stakeholder needs.

Explore Carahsoft's Top Education Technology Vendors

Identify best-in-class EdTech solutions based on your institution’s unique use cases and needs. Select a technology vendor below to learn more about their mission, products and offerings.  

  • All Education Technology Vendors
  • Digital Learning & Communication Solutions (12)
  • Student Safety & Cybersecurity (16)
  • Content Management & Data Analytics (13)
  • Workforce Readiness (7)
  • Funding Services for Schools (2)

All Education Technology Vendors

Carahsoft's education technology portfolio features today's best-of-breed IT solutions for academic institutions, enhancing student learning and enabling faculty to meet the needs of Higher Education institutions and K-12 schools. Choose a technology vendor below to explore its EdTech solutions and services.

Education Contracts & Procurement Agreements

Innovation in Education

AI’s Security Implications Come Into Focus
Whether powering the latest tools and technology, or transforming an already complex threat landscape, AI increasingly shapes institutions’ security postures.
Make a Thoughtful and Strategic Plan
As with any new technology implementation, proper planning is required before signing on to any AI/ML-enhanced tools.
The Dark and Light Side of Artificial Intelligence
AI enhances not only the strength and effectiveness of cyber attackers today, but also the tools and methods used to defend against those attacks. As AI’s potential for good and bad rapidly evolves, higher education weighs AI’s risks and benefits while…



Hosted By: Tanium & Carahsoft
Carahsoft July 16, 2024
Carahsoft 7:00 PM ET

Hosted By: Avaap & Carahsoft
Carahsoft July 16, 2024
Carahsoft 7:00 PM ET


Screenshot_2024-07-09_131633.jpg EDUCATION RESOURCE
What would it mean if your business could process invoices faster, and with greater efficiency and accuracy? Now, you can use Invoice Capture services from SAP Concur to boost productivity and drive business value. Using the Invoice Capture service in conjunction with Concur Invoice helps businesses reduce recurring data entry, and improve invoice turnaround times, all while increasing accuracy and visibility. Capture critical invoice data, like vendor names, PO numbers, dates, amounts, and more.


Gwinnett_County_Public_Schools_Decreases_Incident_Investigation_Time_by_50_with_AI_Dash_Cams_Thumbnail.jpg EDUCATION RESOURCE
Gwinett County Public Schools improved their operational efficiency by leveraging Samsara within their large fleet of school buses. They were able to enhance student safety, utilize real time visibility and protect their drivers.



Carahsoft September 26, 2023

Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Education Technology Solutions Provider™, will be joined by more than 70 of its technology partners in booth #1215 and the greater exhibitor fair at the EDUCAUSE 2023 Annual Conference, held October 9-12, 2023, at the McCormick Place West Convention Center in Chicago, IL.


Carahsoft July 26, 2023

Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership to make Ellucian solutions available through Carahsoft’s reseller partners, National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint and National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) contracts.