Accelerate Global Impact with AI & Quantum

The combination of AI and quantum (AQ) will have a transformative impact across nearly every industry from safeguarding sensitive data to discovering new, sustainable materials. In order to maintain a competitive edge, government agencies must begin adopting AQ technologies today.

SandboxAQ delivers impactful, dual-use solutions that leverage the compound effects of AI and quantum technology to drive innovative solutions to some of the world’s hardest challenges. Our capabilities harness the power of classical computing architecture, enabling us to deliver AQ solutions today – years before quantum computers become available.

Post-Quantum Sensin Icon
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Protect your organization’s sensitive data from both current and future cyber threats. The SandboxAQ AQtive Guard provides full visibility of your cryptographic security posture, policy management, and deployment and enforcement of quantum-resistant protocols. With SandboxAQ you can achieve a high level of security and prepare for the future of cybersecurity by complying with PQC mandates such as NSM-10, National Security Memorandum on Promoting United States Leadership in Quantum Computing While Mitigating Risks to Vulnerable Cryptographic Systems; OMB Memorandum Migrating to Post Quantum Cryptography; and the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act.

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Quantum Sensing
Detect faint variations in physical signals of interest amidst dynamic environmental noise and put it to use. Our AI integration enhances quantum sensing by optimizing signal interpretation. Our field tested sensing systems aim to enable quantum magnetic navigation in GPS-denied and spoofed environments and magnetocardiography to diagnose heart conditions at the point of care. We use a sensor that operates at room temperature and does not need to be shielded from the surrounding magnetic fields. We take the extreme sensitivity of quantum sensors out of the lab using AI to separate the signal from the noise.

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AI Simulation
Screen through an enormous number of possible options to suit your performance requirements of physical and biological systems that are governed by quantum mechanics, such as novel drugs and materials. We use AI to efficiently guide our screening process, simulating the quantum dynamics of your system on massive GPU clusters to synthesize data that enable our machine learning models to optimize all of your performance requirements simultaneously.

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