Discover the 7 Ways circul+ Smart Ring Can Improve Healthcare of Employees and Citizens

BodiMetrics’ wearable technology, the circul+™ Smart Ring (also by prescription only circul™ pro Ring, FDA 510(k) Cleared medical device) and its companion mobile and cloud platform, is a user-friendly, real time monitoring solution with a medical-grade oximeter that is accurate on all skin tones helping promote health equity at its core. The metrics captured by the circul+, including oxygen saturation (Sp02%), heart rate and oxygen desaturation index (ODI), Temperature, heart rate variability (HRV) and can be used by qualified clinicians to diagnose an array of respiratory and sleep disorders. The circul+ is highly accurate and is proven comparable to polysomnography (PSG), the gold standard of diagnostic tests.

BodiMetrics is excited to join the American Heart Association’s® Innovators’ Network, as it will provide opportunities to connect with others innovating in the health tech space as we pursue our goal of helping people work toward improved health.