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Rapid7 (NASDAQ:RPD) powers the practice of SecOps by delivering shared visibility, analytics, and automation so that security, IT, and Development teams can work together more effectively. The Rapid7 Insight platform empowers these teams to jointly manage and reduce risk, detect and contain attackers, and analyze and optimize operations. Rapid7 technology, services, and research drive vulnerability management, application security, incident detection and response (SIEM), orchestration and automation, and log management for more than 7,200 organizations across more than 120 countries, including 54% of the Fortune 100. To learn more about Rapid7 or join our threat research, visit www.rapid7.com.


  • Insight VM

    Vulnerability assessment for the modern environment

    • Collect data across your ecosystem to identify and assess risk in cloud, virtual, remote, local, and containerized infrastructure.
    • Prioritize vulnerabilities more precisely with unparalleled attacker analytics and a Real Risk score that goes beyond just CVSS.
    • Break down silos between IT, security and development to streamline and automate remediation efforts.
  • InsightIDR

    Detect stealthy behavior behind breaches

    • Unify your security data across all events and logs, no data expertise, hardware or parses required.
    • Detect attacker behaviors like stolen credentials, malware, and phishing earlier, before things get critical.
    • Prioritize your search with User and Attacker Behavior Analytics to accelerate incident investigation by 20x.
  • InsightAppSec

    Detect stealthy behavior behind breaches

    • Automatically assess modern web apps and APIs with fewer false positives and missed vulnerabilities.
    • Collaborate with speed through rich reporting and integrations that help inform compliance and development stakeholders.
    • Scale and effectively manage the security assessment of your application portfolio, regardless of its size.
  • InsightConnect

    Orchestration and automation to accelerate your teams and tools

    • Connect your teams and tools for clear communication and complete integrations across your tech stack.
    • Automate your manual, repetitive tasks with connect-and-go workflows - no code necessary.
    • Accelerate operations with automation that creates efficiency without sacrificing control.
  • InsightOps

    A simple approach to infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting

    • Collect and centralize data from any source, in any format.
    • Search and analyze logs using simple keywords or analytic functions to find answers.
    • Monitor metrics like CPU, memory, and disk usage, receive real-time alerts, and review live dashboards and scheduled reports.
    • Troubleshoot by asking natural-language questions to monitor software usage, audit user logins, identify network misconfigurations, and more.
  • InsightPhishing

    Phishing identification, analysis and simulation

    • Cast simulated phishing attacks to train employees, quantify risk, and harden workforce resiliency.
    • Catch potential attackers by empowering employees to report suspected phishing attempts directly from their email clients.
    • Classify and respond to attacks with analysis powered by key indicators of Phishing (IOPs).
  • Metasploit

    Penetration testing software for offensive security teams

    • Gather together the collective knowledge of a global security community to test your network and find your holes.
    • Determine the most impactful vulnerabilities and focus on what matters most.
    • Verify the likelihood and impact with real-world attacks, fix top exposures, and check that they are patched.


Annotation 2020-05-27 175021.png

Preparing for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Part 1: Practice and Process

All of us here at Rapid7 hope that you and your families are safe and well during this unprecedented national crisis. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has many of us focused on other priorities, the expectation at the time of publication of this blog is that the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is proceeding along original timelines. The certification is presently expected to be phased into new DoD contracts starting in Q3 2020. As such, it is important that all affected organizations continue to prepare for the requirements. Click Here to Read More...


Annotation 2020-05-27 174655.png

How the MassCyberCenter Helps Elevate Cybersecurity Initiatives in Municipalities

On this week’s episode of Security Nation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Helm, director of the Massachusetts Cyber Center. In this interview, we discuss how she went from working in the Navy to becoming the director of this new initiative in Massachusetts and how her team is helping municipalities develop incident response plans and getting buy-in and budget for security amidst other priorities. Click Here to Read More...


Annotation 2020-05-27 174332.png

The Healthcare Security Pro's Guide to Ransomware Attacks

Healthcare professionals are performing heroics on a daily basis, working to the point of exhaustion and putting themselves in harm’s way as they try to save as many patients as possible. We applaud them every day in communities around the world with displays of our respect and gratitude. Click Here to Read More...


Annotation 2020-05-26 132626.png

Rapid7’s Full Stack Vulnerability Risk Management Portfolio Recognized for Application Security Capabilities

Many businesses rely on web applications for their success. Because of this, web applications are also perfect targets for attackers. This is why web apps and software vulnerabilities have become the top two ways external attackers are able to gain access to company networks. For these reasons and more, having a complete application security solution that spans infrastructure, compute instances, containers, and the web application itself is vital for organizations. Click Here to Read More...


Annotation 2020-05-26 132006.png

5 Challenges Outsourced Detection and Response Operations Can Help Solve

From the comfort of the Gloucester Shed—my “home office” that’s now gaining notoriety internally at Rapid7—I recently watched three colleagues speak in a webinar about the ways the world is changing around us and the relationships we have to nurture as a business community in order to navigate the inconstant world we find ourselves in. We are in strange times, indeed. Click Here to Read More...


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Reduce Risk with CyberArk and Rapid7 Integrations

It’s well known in the world of cybersecurity that you can’t secure what you don’t know exists. With today’s evolving threat landscape, it’s never been more of a challenge or a necessity to be able to discover and manage all of the accounts and credentials used by administrators and applications to access critical applications, systems, and data. Click Here to Read More...


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Optimizing Security in the Work-From-Home Era

In Part 1 of the CMMC series, we introduced the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the concept of Practices and Processes within. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of these concepts to gain a better understanding of how the framework is designed. Click Here to Read More...


Annotation 2020-05-26 103736.png

Preparing for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), Part 2: The Larger Picture

In Part 1 of the CMMC series, we introduced the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the concept of Practices and Processes within. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of these concepts to gain a better understanding of how the framework is designed. Click Here to Read More...


Annotation 2020-05-26 103219.png

Integrity Is Indispensable: Assessing Partnerships and Performance Metrics in a Crisis Response

On our third installment of Rapid7’s Remote Work Readiness Series, join us as we reflect on how to leverage partnerships to build trust and mitigate risk. From helping users customize their existing controls to improving vendor relationships, our service and security experts discuss what we can anticipate as COVID-19 continues to shape our security environment. Click Here to Read More...



4 Common Goals For Vulnerability Risk Management Programs

At Rapid7, we have made it our top priority to uncover unmet customer needs and create value in new product development that addresses these needs. This post will give you a glimpse into the research that was conducted to pinpoint under-served and unmet customer needs in the vulnerability risk management space. Click Here to Read More...



Analyze Security Data Faster with Visual Search in InsightIDR

Data analysis is more than just collecting data and making it available (and that’s not analysis at all, actually, despite what some traditional SIEMs might claim). Analysis transforms data into something useful. It gives us insights, correlations, and trends that we can use to take action or change behavior. Analysis is powerful, but when analysis is married with data visualization, it becomes a storyClick Here to Read More...



SOC Automation: Accelerate Threat Detection and Response with SIEM and SOAR

At Rapid7, we have the opportunity to talk to security professionals from all types of organizations. Whether we’re conversing with our largest customers or a Security Operations Center (SOC) team of one, there are a few challenges we hear about again and again. We believe that the best solution to industry-wide struggles with threat detection and response is to increase efficiency using SIEM and SOAR together. Click Here to Read More...



3 Common Threats to Look for in Your Network Data

Continuously monitoring your network activity for signs of attack is a great way to catch hackers and breaches before they become problems. However, network traffic data can be overwhelming based on the sheer amount generated, not to mention its confusing complexity. Wading through the noise is a top priority for security professionals so they can detect threats early and react swiftly. Click Here to Read More...



Proactive Security Is the New Black: Lessons from the Trenches of Building a Security Product

On this week’s episode of Security Nation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Kreilein, CISO for RapidDeploy, a back-end SaaS service for 911 and emergency communication systems. Prior to this, Alex ran a small investment fund for cybersecurity startups. He also had his own company called SecureSet, which was the country’s first cybersecurity boot camp. Click Here to Read More...



The Importance of Network Visibility With a Remote Workforce

We are now living in challenging times due to the COVID-19 outbreak as we work from home, self-isolate, and protect the vulnerable. I must say a big thanks to my employer, Rapid7, for having a robust system that enables working from home. Our IT teams have worked around the clock to expand services for remote workers so that we can continue to deliver value for our customers. Well done, all! Click Here to Read More...



How to WFH and Keep Your Digital Self Safe

We have rapidly entered a new era of living with a global pandemic. As a result, many are working from home - at kitchen tables, sitting on the sofa, or typing at a desk next to the bed. With very little notice, our work and personal lives have changed, and we don’t know how long this will last. Without any talk of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt), it got me thinking about how we can stay safe online in this new world. Click Here to Read More...



Phishing for SYSTEM on Microsoft Exchange (CVE-2020-0688)

Microsoft released security updates to address a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange that would allow an attacker to turn any stolen Exchange user account into a complete system compromise. In many implementations, this could be used to completely compromise the entire Exchange environment (including all email) and potentially all of Active Directory. Click Here to Read More...



Shifting Security Conferences to Virtual: The New Face of Events in 2020 and Beyond

On this week’s episode of Security Nation, we had the pleasure of speaking with John Strand, CEO of BlackHills Information Security, a company that specializes in penetration testing, red teaming, and threat hunting. In this interview, we discuss how his team works remotely, how they created a virtual event in just three days amid the COVID-19 pandemic and now teach others to do the same, and his predictions on the future of events. Click Here to Read More...



How to Measurably Reduce False Positive Vulnerabilities by Up To 22%

If you’ve been in the security industry for any amount of time, you’re no stranger to false positives. They show up in nearly every security monitoring tool and can waste an incredible amount of time and resources that your team should be spending on issues that actually matter. The good news is, there is a way to measurably reduce them so you can reallocate your team’s time from investigative to proactive work. Here’s how. Click Here to Read More...



Rapid7 2020 Threat Report: Exposing Common Attacker Trends

Organizations continue to host vulnerable, internet-exposed systems that are being targeted by attackers. Simultaneously, attackers are targeting valid user accounts as their preferred method for breaching an environment. Click Here to Read More...



How We Used Data Science Magic to Predict Key RSA 2020 Themes and Takeaways

There’s nothing quite like attending the annual RSA security conference in San Francisco, but amid the noise of more than 40,000 attendees, hundreds of vendors, and a whirlwind of information, it can be tough to pull out key messages to take back to our desks. Click Here to Read More...



How to Improve Vulnerability Patching Efficiency through Automation

The 2019 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Rapid7 InsightVM found that our customers saw a 60% reduction in effort for patching, thanks to automation and improved workflows, especially through integrations with popular patching software. But just how can automation improve your security team’s patching efficiency? Click Here to Read More...



Rapid7 Named 2019 Global SOAR Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

Global IT staffing shortages are on the rise, and the number of security threats continues to grow, along with the number of tools security professionals use to address these threats. Because of this, security teams oftentimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of alerts they receive on a daily basis. Click Here to Read More...



Rapid7 Named a Leader in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports offer a framework for evaluating technology vendors in a given space. In the case of the Magic Quadrant for SIEM, technology providers were measured on two axis: completeness of vision and ability to execute. Click Here to Read More...



Hackers On The Hill - Slides and recap on cybersecurity policy

In advance of ShmooCon, Rapid7 co-organized the Hackers On The Hill event with the omnipresent Beau Woods of I Am The Cavalry. The event aims to help give security pros an opportunity to learn about engaging in public policy relating to cybersecurity. Click Here to Read More...



How to Identify, Prioritize and Remediate Vulnerabilities in the Cloud

If you use a cloud provider like AWS, you know there are some security features you can access for free, such as AWS Security Hub, AWS Identity & Access Management, and AWS Firewall Manager. Unfortunately, as we covered in part one of this series, that’s not enough coverage for what many organizations need in today’s cloud environments, especially considering the fact that cloud providers can only protect the core infrastructure. Click Here to Read More...



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Actions you can take to lower the risk and impact of this kind of attack in the public sector.

Actions you can take to lower the risk and impact of this kind of attack in the education industry.

Detecting active compromise inside IT environments as part of an incident detection and response program is critical. Rapid7 experts have identified the seven best practices for an effective cybersecurity program by applying defense to detection and response. Download the guide to access the bes...

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Protecting your business from vulnerability and compromise. Optimizing your operations for success. Your daily responsibilities don’t have to be so daunting: The solution is SecOps, an organizational practice that breaks down the silos between Security, IT, and Development. Learn more about ho...


Today’s security and IT teams are understaffed and overloaded with tools, techniques, languages, processes… the list goes on. And with the talent shortage growing by the day, it can feel like keeping up is nothing but a pipe dream. But have no fear, security orchestration and automation (SOA...

Launched in 2017, “Under the Hoodie” aims to demystify the practice of penetration testing by surveying those in the field on what they see during client engagements—all to determine countermeasures you can take to best detect and prevent the truly sinister folks from breaching your network. W...

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In this solution guide, we highlight how Rapid7 is helping our customers evolve their vulnerability management programs to meet today’s challenges. We focus on four areas: Enhancing network vulnerability assessment, addressing web application vulnerabilities, protecting employees and mitigatin...


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