Leverage the Terida RegTech Cloud Platform for Your Public Sector Needs and Goals.

With the Terida RegTech Framework - CLASsoft from AWS, the public sector benefits from Terida’s built-for-the-cloud, to FedRAMP/NIST standards, all-of-government solution architecture, and two decades of excellence, experience, innovation, and solution delivery success in the private sector.  

The Public Sector is faced with a myriad of existing problems and ongoing new problems, with very specific goals, objectives, and requirements. 

By utilizing the Framework’s cache of modules - Registry-as-a-Service, Prototype-as-a-Service, Administration-as-a-Service, RegTech/Compliance-as-a-Service, Joint-Force-as-a-Service, Enterprise-Operations-as-a-Service – and the Framework’s functionality and security, the solutions is targeted to meet each client’s specific business needs without overhauling the foundational elements of the Framework.

This accelerates the configuration process, prototype delivery and integration with partner systems – thus, decreasing project costs, shortening the project timeline, increasing project success, and diminishing risk.

These customized / configured Terida Framework cloud solutions, from the start:

  • Ensure the security of data, documents and communications
  • Support complex workflow and process management
  • Integrate persons, events, operations, certifications, communications, documents and workflow, into a single solution with a complete audit history
  • Dynamically support increasing system demands due to increased  number of users, accounts, applications, communications and documents
  • Provide access for authorized users via a front-end (browser agnostic) web application portal, and deploy a powerful back-end solution administration.

With The FedRAMP Act of December 2022, and the Terida RegTech Framework’s solution architecture and FedRAMP status, government agencies benefit from the security of the cloud (AWS) and security in the cloud (Terida)  per those important cybersecurity standards.

As an added benefited, connections to external services, that may be necessary for project objectives, may be more easily credentialed via NIST/FedRAMP inherited controls via the Terida Framework and from AWS.