Discover how EchoMark’s watermarks safeguard sensitive information.

At EchoMark, we understand the critical importance of information security for public sector organizations. Our cutting-edge technologies are specifically designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring secure communication and collaboration. Our mission is simple: to help you maintain the security and confidentiality of your most sensitive information.

Public sector organizations handle vast amounts of confidential data, from classified documents to sensitive negotiations. EchoMark is dedicated to protecting this information by empowering you to safeguard data effectively and deter potential leaks. Our solutions create a sense of accountability among data handlers, helping to reduce insider risk. If information is exfiltrated, forwarded to unauthorized viewers, our technology provides a robust way to identify the source quickly.

Our advanced solutions ensure that private information remains secure by embedding unique, invisible signatures in your sensitive emails and documents. This allows you to trace the entire chain of custody, making it easier to pinpoint the source unauthorized disclosures. Security teams and investigators can then use this information to take appropriate action, supported by detailed document analytics and investigative reports.

One of the key advantages of EchoMark is that it operates seamlessly in the background. There’s no need for client software, which means teams can continue working without disruption to operations, preserving the existing flow of communication. Our technology is designed to operate within secure, private, or air-gapped environments, and integrates smoothly into existing workflows and can be managed through policies set by administrators.

By choosing EchoMark, organizations can deter and remediate leaks of sensitive data, ensuring that information is only shared with those who need to know. Our solutions help enterprises build trusted accountability and enhance overall security, allowing them to focus on their mission with confidence. EchoMark is committed to helping public sector organizations like yours protect what matters most. Let us help you secure your communications and safeguard your critical information.