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The open source development model ensures constant innovation and iteration through a decentralized community of thousands of contributors to projects’ codebases. With presidential mandates and a recognized need for modern software spurring open source adoption in the public sector, IT leaders must determine how free open source and its enterprise alternatives fit into their purchasing strategies.


Enterprise open source software providers leverage the innovation of community-driven open source projects, while embedding the built-in security, scalability and support required in the enterprise environments of public sector IT organizations. Carahsoft provides Federal, State and Local Government agencies as well as Education and Healthcare organizations with enterprise open source IT solutions to modernize their approach to IT.


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Your Trusted Enterprise Open Source Technology Provider

Carahsoft’s industry-leading portfolio of enterprise open source software providers support mission success across all levels of government. The U.S. and Canadian public sector can access best in class open source solutions through Carahsoft’s numerous contracts, including:

  • Agency-specific agreements
  • Government acquisition vehicles
  • Cooperative purchasing contracts

Explore Carahsoft’s portfolio of enterprise open source software providers below to identify the best-fit technology for your mission needs.

  • All Open Source Vendors
  • Red Hat Solutions (4)
  • Open Source AI/ML & Data Analytics (21)
  • Open Source Cybersecurity (16)
  • Open Source DevSecOps (21)
  • Open Source Digital Experience (8)
  • Open Source MultiCloud (16)

All Open Source Vendors

Carahsoft's enterprise open source solutions portfolio brings flexible, open principles to the public sector enabling improved, modernized mission capabilities and cross-team collaboration. Choose a technology vendor below to explore its Open Source solutions and services.

Collaborative Innovation in Government

Enterprise Open Source: The Best of Both Worlds
The combined power of community-driven innovation and industry-leading technical support is expanding the government’s capacity for innovation.
Why Open Source is a Mission-Critical Foundation
Christopher Smith, Vice President and General Manager of the North America Public Sector at Red Hat, explains why open source’s inherent transparency, portability and innovation have made it a key driver of the digital revolution.
Modernizing Digital Services with Open Source
Tami Pearlstein, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acquia, explains how an open source platform helps agencies deliver digital experiences that meet their constituents’ current and future needs.

Enterprise Software Solution Trends

Open Source Conferences and Events

Hosted By: CloudBees & Carahsoft
Carahsoft December 31, 1969
Carahsoft 7:00 PM ET

Partner Training
Hosted By: Red Hat, Carahsoft & Emergent
Carahsoft July 23, 8400
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Community Resources for Open Source 

Veeam_Solution_Brief.jpg OPEN SOURCE RESOURCE
Hybrid cloud platforms like Red Hat® OpenShift® are enhancing how organizations develop, deploy, manage and protect containerized application data. As enterprises continue to adopt Kubernetes for business-critical operations, the need for reliable, cloud native protection for stateful applications and persistent data has become a requirement. Download the resource to learn more!


Veeam_Kasten_Solution_Brief_Integrated_Security.jpg OPEN SOURCE RESOURCE
Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus is a comprehensive hybrid cloud platform that includes Red Hat OpenShift, OpenShift Managed Services, Red Hat Quay, ACM, and ACS. It integrates multiple layers of Kubernetes-native security, manageability and automation across infrastructures, ensuring consistency throughout the software supply chain. This helps enterprises efficiently build, deploy, run, manage and secure innovative applications at scale. Download the resource to learn more!


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Carahsoft April 06, 2023

Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership.


Carahsoft February 21, 2022

The need for a secure and comprehensive digital working environment is a reality for many industries, especially highly regulated ones such as government agencies, public sector organizations, universities, financial institutions, and healthcare providers.