Manage, Patch, and Support All Your Endpoints

IT leaders in both education and government face a unique set of challenges: they’re expected to control and manage an incredibly heterogeneous endpoint mix that’s highly distributed across locations, often while being understaffed and working with constrained budgets. NinjaOne stands as the industry's premier endpoint management solution, offering unparalleled endpoint visibility and comprehensive control over widely dispersed networks, servers, and end-user devices from a single, intuitive platform. 

Our platform facilitates the automation of common workflows including new device setup, patch management, endpoint issue identification and remediation, device configuration, backup of critical data, and application installation across devices on a large scale. Along with enhancing efficiency by automating at scale, NinjaOne consolidates many of the point solutions utilized by IT teams for infrastructure management and support. This not only cuts software licensing costs and simplifies solution intricacy but also limits potential attack surfaces. Moreover, NinjaOne commits to your team's success with complimentary unlimited onboarding, support, and training from dedicated professionals, ensuring optimal utilization of the platform's capabilities.

Along with key workflow automation, comprehensive control, and centralized management of existing IT assets, NinjaOne also strives to help IT teams in government and at educational institutions fortify their defenses and ensure a secure IT landscape. NinjaOne delivers 90% faster patching with zero-touch automation across endpoints. We provide full visibility into your IT asset portfolio, so your team always knows the health, performance, and status of the managed endpoints. Additionally, we deliver tools that help reduce vulnerabilities, harden endpoints, back up and restore critically sensitive data, and protect against advanced cyber threats. 

NinjaOne benefits IT teams with features that allow you to patch your Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints, take control with fast and secure remote access, automate deployment of applications, setup of new devices, configure and maintain endpoints, and protect critical data in a centralized and intuitive platform.

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