Critical Event Management: When The Message Has to Get There

HipLink For Coordinated Communication to Mobilize with as Little Delay & Confusion as Possible Counties and 911 Centers need a reliable system to coordinate communication with 1st responders, special teams, state and federal agencies they interact with, employees, volunteers, and many others as part of their daily operations. They need tools to engage using mobile phones, pagers, voice calls, mobile apps, and desktops effectively.  For activation, integration with the 911 computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system provides for automation, saving time in dispatch and giving critical situational awareness in the field.  Real-time 2-way tracking and responses are crucial in knowing the status of resources and ensuring data integrity.

HipLink uses the latest communication technology to quickly notify and mobilize first responders and other groups the 911 center works with. With complete fail-over and redundancy, HipLink ensures critical message delivery all the time — every time.  Alerts and notifications can be sent under a single umbrella to the broadest possible range of devices, including cell phones, pagers, mobile apps, home phones, desktops, etc., all while leveraging the existing CAD with universal integration for automation. It is ideal for law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and emergency management, with advanced message filtering, grouping features, and real-time reports.

The Company works with any size agency, with any budget, and can customize the system with the specific features needed while supporting scalability for change and growth in the future. 

CAD Integration

  • HipLink has defined interfaces and APIs capable of integrating with any CAD for automatic escalation based on incident type
  • Provides interoperability with special teams (SWAT, hostage negotiation, aviation events, bomb squad, etc.) and other agencies for automatic notification.
  • Frees dispatch to work the incident rather than make phone calls

Enhanced law enforcement communications

  • Major incident coordination from dispatch or the field with options for special teams and mutual aid requests
  • HipLink’s mobile app is an easy-to-use, powerful tool for encrypted communication that is CJIS-compliant 
  • Easily alert CIT (Crisis Intervention Trained) Officers for de-escalation response in concert with behavioral health professionals and homeless advocates
  • Documentation of officer communication for e-discovery

Notification for volunteers, external agencies, or outside groups

  • Mobilize people with as little delay and confusion as possible using either manual or automatic alerts
  • Two-way SMS text messaging is supported, ensuring alerts are received and confirmed, and responders can request help. Works with any phone, pager, desktop, and more
  • Real-time reports with the status of messages

HipLink is a technology partner with most 911 dispatch systems, small and large.  They include Motorola, CentralSquare, Hexagon, and more. We have hundreds of customers, including city and county agencies of all sizes nationwide.

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