Building a Digital Foundation for the Future

Iron Mountain Government Solutions, a division of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), protects, unlocks, and extends the value of information and assets from creation to destruction… and every step in between. When it comes to data, the company understands the complexities of bridging the gap between a hybrid physical and digital world. The company breathes “digital life” into data that is otherwise trapped on paper or in siloed repositories throughout a government agency. Iron Mountain establishes the groundwork necessary for building a strong, data foundation capable of preparing data for innovative technology like Generative AI. As agencies shift to digital and focus on modernization, Iron Mountain stands ready to help the public sector transform.

We specialize in helping agencies transition operations to a more versatile, optimized environment with secure enterprise information lifecycle management capabilities including:

  • Digital Solutions
  • Data Center top tier colocation services
  • Asset lifecycle management grounded in circular economy disposition
  • Records Information Management (RIM)

Our full suite of information management solutions improve asset management, reduce physical footprints, decrease costs, and streamline operations, while greatly enhancing citizen experience, and mitigating security and privacy risks. We are unique in the industry due to our consistent management of information regardless of location and media type or format. And of course, strong security and chain-of-custody measures are at the core of every service we offer. Let us help you transform your agency.


Digital Solutions: The insights you need exist in the data you have. We structure your data to generate the insights that enable better, faster decisions. We provide you the ability to know what you have, unlock the insights within it faster, to use it whenever and wherever you need to accelerate your agency’s mission.

  • Document digitization/digitalization - NARA compliant
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  • Digital intake/mailroom/remittance processing
  • Digital information workflows and storage
  • Information governance

Data Center: Our data center solutions keep your data reliably and securely accessible while meeting your agency’s needs with the highest sustainability standards in place.

  • Colocation
  • Decommissioning
  • Network connectivity

Asset Lifecycle Management: Protecting your agency’s data has become more important than ever, and this means being aware of risk factors, such as the mismanagement of IT assets. When you partner with Iron Mountain, we work with you to develop a program that cares for your assets from deployment and active use to retirement and disposition, supported by our industry-leading data security and sustainability measures—with a chain of custody every step of the way.

  • Secure document shredding
  • IT asset disposal
  • Lease return & IT management services
  • Certificates of erasure

Records and Information Management (RIM): Secure records and data management - whatever it contains, however it’s stored and wherever it’s located - keeping it secure, resilient and compliant. Whether physical or digital, onsite or offsite, legacy or go-forward, our solutions and experienced team delivers what you need, when you need it most.

  • Records storage (physical and electronic) - NARA compliant
  • Legacy record discovery and cleanup (ROT)​​​​​

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