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Discover how Holonic’s AI can modernize, secure and accelerate your agency’s journey to the cloud.

Holonic’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, CodeIntent®, was developed over more than two decades of R&D. Our AI delivers a solution that significantly changes the cost, scale, speed, and quality of code modernization, specifically, and software development, generally. This solution is otherwise unavailable on the market. As departments and agencies face increasing demands to modernize and shift to a cloud-based environment, Holonic offers the most comprehensive solution for your digital transformation journey.

Holonic offers the only language agnostic platform to optimize, refactor (any-to-any) and secure code. The AI completes tasks in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methodologies, allowing clients to radically cut costs and get to market faster, resulting in increased ROI and lower TCO. The new code is exponentially more efficient and new features can be rolled out faster.

Most importantly, our optimization process identifies vulnerabilities, which it automatically eliminates and corrects, decreasing the potential for cyber security issues.

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