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With the public sector rapidly adopting the ServiceNow platform to better serve citizens and internal employees, the volume of data being created and living in the platform for organizations is growing exponentially. VividCharts allows public sector organizations create views into that data for anyone from leadership teams, operational teams, even citizens.

With VividCharts, you can create live data slide decks, monthly reports, and leadership and operational dashboards, to truly tell a story with your ServiceNow data. The days of manually prepping reports and presentations with the same data each month are over!


  • Visual Hub

    The VividCharts base technology that allows you to create as many reports, dashboards, presentations or views into your data as you like.

  • Slate

    A layout-free report build that allows you to add live data charts with annotations and bullet points.

  • Narratives

    Live data slide decks that eliminate the need for manual data prep required by your presentation cycle.

  • Wall Monitor Dashboards

    Design dashboards with conditional coloring and styles specifically for wall monitor display.

  • Loops

    Automatically cycle through a set-up dashboard for a wall monitor.

  • Starts

    Out-of-the-box process-specific dashboards ready to configure.

  • VividCharts Vertical

    Vertical-specific dashboards, pre-built with high-impact data collections out of the box.


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Solutions Brief

Solutions Brief
As organizations continuously expand into new departments on the ServiceNow platform, these technical employees are responsible for keeping more and more stakeholders in the loop on what is going on within different applications.