ExtraHop is built to meet the security and performance needs of the hybrid enterprise, from Core to Edge to Cloud. Our platform transforms the network into the most comprehensive, objective source of security and IT visibility while providing the rich data set – wire data – that keeps our machine learning focused and reliable. Whether it’s by automating real-time threat detection in the east-west corridor, ensuring application service delivery, or modernizing architectures with hybrid cloud, ExtraHop turns the scope, speed, and scale of the network into the engine of modern digital business for customers including Sony, Microsoft, Adobe, and DIRECTV.


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ExtraHop, provider of enterprise cyber analytics from the inside ...
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The ExtraHop platform transforms raw packets into structured wire data for highly scalable, real-time IT and business analysis. Our hardware appliances are optimized for our real-time stream processor, which performs full-stream reassembly and content analysis of all application communication and ...

ExtraHop provides an efficient and effective way for Infosec and IT teams to enhance their security and compliance capabilities. By analyzing all communication on the wire, ExtraHop provides the visibility needed to detect data leakage, identify threats that IPS/IDS will not, ensure adequate encrypt...

The ExtraHop platform enables security operations teams to keep tabs on all the communications and transactions in their environment. By analyzing wire data, security teams can detect threats and get the context need to answer what, where, when, and who for any situation.

Many application owners worry about the performance of their business-critical applications in virtualized cloud environments. ExtraHop can help to alleviate those concerns. Virtualization teams can use the ExtraHop platform to record baseline performance in physical environments and then track ...

Your network is your richest source of real-time data to meet mission goals and save lives, but mining that data in flight for situational awareness has never been possible until now. The ExtraHop platform makes sense of your data in flight so that defense agencies can more effectively ensure mi...

The ExtraHop system is a non-intrusive network appliance that provides IT teams with the visibility they need to ensure application performance in virtualized and cloud environments.


To improve application and infrastructure visibility, McKesson deployed ExtraHop to analyze its wire data—all L2-L7 communications, including full bidirectional transactional payloads.

ExtraHop enables healthcare IT organizations to harness the massive amounts of wire data flowing through their environments so that they can answer the question, “What’s happening in my environment right now?” This operational intelligence equips IT teams to more efficiently manage departm...

Seeking greater visibility, Seattle Children’s turned to ExtraHop for something none of their traditional monitoring products offered: the ability to tap into a wealth of wire data flowing through their environments. Wire data is all L2- L7 communications between systems, including full bid...


This white paper provides a roadmap for designing and building an open IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) architecture. You will learn about a new IT data taxonomy defined by the four data sources of IT visibility: wire, machine, agent, and synthetic data sets. After weighing the role of each IT data ...