Cloak and Secure Data-in-Motion with Quantum-Safe Encryption

Patero's mission is to protect the national cybersecurity interests of the United States and its allies. Patero is a network security company that offers civilian and government entities easy-to-use, quantum-resistant, future-safe data security products that protect sensitive operational data against cyber threats while maintaining highly resilient, high-throughput communication paths. Patero’s dual-use products cloak and protect assets, data, networks, and communications vital to critical infrastructure operations. 

Patero cloaks Internet-facing network elements and makes data indecipherable with quantum-safe encryption. Patero’s solution delivers end-to-end protection for federal, DoD, and critical infrastructure networks. Patero’s product suite helps enterprises identify and remediate immediate network and future cryptographic vulnerabilities. Patero’s hybrid post-quantum security solution uses today's best encryption technology hybridized with NIST’s next-generation quantum resilient encryption algorithms.

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