Uncover Foreign Influence in Seconds, at Scale.

Quantifind's AI-powered risk intelligence enables global analysts to make decisions about financial crime and national security risks with the highest accuracy and speed to help their organizations identify threats and avoid the costs of exposure. The Quantifind AI platform is a disruptive technology built on over a decade of R&D, including natural language processing, risk modeling, risk typology generation, name science, knowledge graphs, and entity resolution. This technology is purpose-built to empower analysts to handle risk more accurately and quickly. Implementation can be achieved quickly and painlessly for customers of any scale.

As the US Government struggles to upgrade its capabilities for the modern information environment, adversaries continue to press for advantage across the competition spectrum. Through a complex, increasingly globalized web, both state adversaries and non-state actors are employing a host of proxy entities to exert foreign malign influence. A lack of proper intelligence and the technology to support it makes it difficult to know who to trust, who holds control over key partners and critical resources, and who is ultimately behind exploitative activities across the world.

Open source data represents a severely untapped potential for addressing this challenge. The effort is difficult for the USG due to the sheer scale of data collection required, the technical challenges of complex data fusion, the sophisticated means by which malign entities shield their identities and the risk of intentionally manipulated data.  As a result, malign activities and actors can “hide in plain sight,” escaping detection by living within the noise of too much unprocessed, unfiltered and unlinked data.

A renewed OSINT framework that embraces an aggressive shift toward automation illuminates the activities of competitors through the construction of a joint common knowledge graph. Fusing a large number of data sets of entities, including people, organizations and the relationships that connect them into one graph database, increases the odds of discovering essential missing links between entities—and threats—that bespoke analyses would almost always miss. Analysts using graph technology compliant with intelligence tradecraft increases the scale and speed of threat assessments by orders of magnitude, empowering continuous screening for unanticipated risks and prioritizing only those that require precious human attention.

Only Quantifind's AI can uncover critical signals of risk from billions of unstructured data points quickly and far more accurately than it’s done today. Relevant signals are extracted from disparate and unstructured text sources associated with an entity, empowering risk specialists to make better, faster decisions about potential financial crime or national security risks.

Quantifind’s risk intelligence helps analysts prioritize entity records according to confidence and relevance. By setting comprehensive risk definition standards across national security and financial crimes, Quantifind empowers users to identify global threats and vulnerabilities for senior decision-makers, with machine-assisted assessments backed by underlying evidence.

Quantifind has built over 60 risk topic definitions that analysts can leverage to understand cross-cutting criminal activities (including corruption, fraud, money laundering, wildlife trafficking, illegal fishing) and areas of potential adversarial concern (state-owned enterprises, politically- exposed persons, foreign trade relationships).

Quantifind's knowledge graph extracts relationships from across open source data and provides them to analysts as a navigable, interactive network with exportable underlying data.

* Best-in-class name science with 92% accuracy to draw precise links between known bad actors. False positives reduced by 80% compared to legacy tools.

* Billions of structured and unstructured data points from publicly and commercially available information. Foreign language news in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more.

* Flexible integration options: UI, API, Batch API, Bulk Data. Standardized ontologies and sharable intelligence.

* Transparent, explanatory, responsible AI. Clear provenance to defend results.

40% time savings for Quantifind customers over legacy tools with ultra-fast query engines for sub second response times.