Build and Deploy Elite Cyber Talent in a Hyper-Realistic Environment

The Cyberbit platform is a robust solution for boosting cybers skills development and readiness. It provides a range of offerings including a cyber range, cyber labs, and a crisis simulator. The cyber range provides a unique hyper-realistic environment simulating a virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) with enterprise grade networks, commercial security tools including cloud security tools (AWS, MS Azure etc.), and simulated real-world cyber-attacks, delivering the practical, hands-on training needed for detecting and mitigating cyber threats. Cyberbit offers the world’s largest catalog of cyber range exercises including various scenarios such as service disruption, defacement, ransomware, as well as “low and slow” evasive attacks and data exfiltration. All exercises are available on-demand. 

Cyberbit’s hands-on cyber labs empower learners with individual skill development and crucial foundational knowledge. Labs cover a wide range of topics including networking fundamentals, threat vectors and defensive techniques, and more.   Special labs, called Spotlights, are exclusive video and text-based learning modules designed to create a strong theoretical basis for learners and keep professionals up to date with the latest threat vectors.

In addition, Cyberbit provides the first on-demand crisis simulator that simulates the escalations and communications between technical and non-technical teams, bringing together executive teams and incident response teams in a collaborative training session. Crisis simulation exercises can be customized according to specific playbooks, policies, and regulations.

The platform is available as a SaaS (on-demand, cloud-based) solution, with the option to add or transition to an on-premises solution for running classified exercises and customization purposes. It is also available as a flexible hybrid solution that combines the SaaS and on-premises option.

The public sector in particular can benefit from the platform because of the vast amounts of confidential data it must be ready to defend. Through its offerings, Cyberbit gives professionals hands-on training, accelerating their capacity to detect and respond to cyber-attacks and strengthening their cyber defenses and readiness. State and local governments use the Cyberbit platform as part of their collaboration with industry and academia to accelerate the development and deployment of cyber talent and increase incident response capabilities cyber readiness.

The platform offers a high level of flexibility and customization, allowing public and private organizations including institutions of higher learning, the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of their playbooks, team skills, individual competencies, and management policies and identify skill gaps and personnel that require additional training. Skill development courses can be customized to fill the skill gaps identified, helping cybersecurity professionals and learners enhance their capacity to protect critical systems and networks against existing and emerging cyber threats. Cyberbit is fully integrated with ISC2 allowing users to receive CPE credits for time spent developing skills on the platform.