AI solutions that reduce costs, eliminate errors, and improve customer service.

CogAbility provides affordable pre-trained AI solutions that reduce costs, improve service levels, and empower government agencies and the people they serve. 

We deliver AI as a digital employee (a CogBot) that empowers your staff by automating low-value and error-prone work they do today, for example: fielding questions from the public 24/7, reviewing and processing documents across systems, resolving nagging process quality issues, and automating low-value tasks like booking appointments, estimating fees, and paying tax bills. 

CogBots are delivered as turnkey business solutions with training data, hosting, and dedicated support included.  Most customers are seeing a 2X to 10X return on investment, and their CogBots often pay for themselves within a few months.

Examples of pretrained CogBots available today include: Digital Deputy Tax Collector, Digital Deputy Clerk, Digital Customer Service Agent, Digital Property Appraiser, AI Employee Companion, AI Campus Companion - and more.  In fact, a CogBot can be trained to do any kind of work that AI can do better than a human. 

With 8 different ways to answer a question, our conversational AI technology is the best-performing in the government market, and our modern cloud-hosted technology stack complies with the latest government privacy and security standards. 

Deployment is fast with very little IT work required, because most CogBots show up for work pre-trained with data provided by our pool of customers, who understand the value of sharing data in government.

Every CogBot is trained & managed by your staff at CogUniversity, the world’s first university for training AIs instead of humans. This intuitive cloud-based platform makes it easy for your staff to train and maintain their digital co-workers and to track their performance after they graduate.

Our cloud-hosted integration platform, CAP, makes it easy to integrate your digital employee with existing enterprise & third party systems, knowledge bases, enterprise data stores, and custom AI models. 

In addition to pre-trained CogBots, our AI engineers can build any kind of AI solution you need using third party AI models and services from CogAbility, Google, Amazon, IBM Watson, OpenAI and more.  From chatbots to document processing solutions, intelligent process orchestration, and custom machine learning models - we can deliver whatever you need. Securely, safely, and responsibly.

We can deliver your AI solution with or without IT assistance, but we always enjoy working with like-minded humans.

Let us build a digital employee to empower your team today!

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