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Syncsort is a provider of enterprise software and the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data solutions. As organizations worldwide invest in analytical platforms to power new insights, Syncsort’s innovative and high-performance software harnesses valuable data assets while dramatically reducing the cost of mainframe and legacy systems.

Thousands of customers in more than 85 countries, including 87 of the Fortune 100, have trusted Syncsort to move and transform mission-critical data and workloads for nearly 50 years. Now these enterprises look to Syncsort to unleash the power of their most valuable data for advanced analytics. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, Syncsort’s solutions allow customers to chart a path from Big Iron to Big Data.


  • Syncsort Ironstream®
    • Streams mainframe machine data to Splunk for enterprise-wide operational intelligence.
    • Collects log data from SMF, RMF, SYSLOG and other IBM z/OS mainframe data sources (should we add Top Secret, etc. here?), and forwards that data in real time to the Splunk® Enterprise analytics platform ensuring visibility into your z/OS environment integrated with information from the rest of your IT infrastructure.
    • Features advanced filtering and data loss protection to minimize data loss during network or other external failures.
    • Integrates with Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence.
  • Syncsort Ironstream® Transaction Tracing
    • Provides enhanced visibility into business services that span mobile, web and mainframe platforms.
    • Tracks and correlates transactions initiated off the mainframe – including mobile and web platforms – with detailed z/OS backend transaction processing, and feeds that data in real time to Splunk to improve problem identification and better manage SLAs.


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Unlocking Real-time Mainframe Operational Intelligence

The integration of Syncsort’s Ironstream® product with the Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) application is a relatively new approach to the many challenges of detecting, investigating, and responding in timely fashion to security threats across an entire enterprise.

Service-centric Operational Insights and Performance Improvement for Your Enterprise

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For organizations that rely on mainframe as well as open-systems architectures, a dangerous security blind-spot can now be eliminated. Working closely with partner and leading SIEM vendor and Big Data pioneer Splunk, an Enterprise Security solution has been developed to enable organizations to see,...

In order to comply with the complex IRS regulations regarding the monitoring process for erroneous or fraudulent payments, one state agency faced the challenge of obtaining the z/OS data necessary to ensure that the proper procedures for recovery were met. Although the company had been utilizing th...

In order to fulfill the frequently changing information-security obligations set by its auditors, a federal law-enforcement agency faced the looming task of collecting and analyzing operational log data from many of its IT systems, including the entirety of its history and current enterprise securit...

A healthcare company needed to meet SOC2 compliance requirements, driving the need to find a solution to handle the sensitive data efficiently and securely.The company turned to Ironstream and Splunk Enterprise to be the solution they were looking for, helping them eliminate the manual processes, ef...