Secure the SaaS platforms that power your business.

Identify incorrect SaaS configurations and gain more visibility into data access, 3rd-party apps, and misconfigurations across your SaaS environment.

Leverage out-of-the-box security best practices with the powerful AppOmni modeling engine. Write permissions and access rules, and apply the latest security updates to your entire SaaS stack.

Maintain compliance and peak SaaS security posture over time. Receive critical SaaS alerts to SIEM and other collaboration solutions you already use.

A key aspect of a robust SaaS security program is the ability to help organizations achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements over time. Your SaaS security program is only as good as its alignment with business objectives. Establishing a SaaS governance or assurance plan that implements security measures will reduce risk associated with your SaaS applications. The plan should include compliance frameworks, documentation, and due diligence for ongoing monitoring and risk reduction