Comprehensive cyber asset inventory for federal agencies

 Today's attack surface has grown larger and more complex than ever. With the continued adoption of the cloud, convergence of IT/OT/IoT, and shift to remote work, federal agencies need better visibility into their networks and assets. They simply can't protect and secure assets they don't know exist.

Government organizations need to strengthen their security programs in order to stay ahead of the onslaught of threats against their critical infrastructure. Many cybersecurity frameworks, like the CIS Critical Security Controls and the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, start with a complete cyber asset inventory.

To keep up with the pace of change and preempt emerging threats, security teams need on-demand access to the most up-to-date details about their networks and assets. Yet, security teams are spending valuable time tracking down information they need instead of focusing on protecting and securing their networks. They're playing a perpetual game of catch-up as they uncover unknowns on their networks–particularly after being compromised. What if they could shift from being a reactive security program to a proactive one?

A proactive security program starts with an asset inventory: a single source of truth that includes managed and unmanaged, IT, IoT, and OT devices from on-premise, cloud, and remote environments. Full asset visibility is the key to discovering devices that can introduce critical security risks to the network, like machines that are missing security controls, end-of-life, out of date, or out of compliance. These may be missing an assigned owner; no one knows who's responsible for them, so they never get patched. Unmanaged cloud assets present similar challenges. Temporary cloud environments become vulnerable when they're abandoned and not properly decommissioned. Security teams need help identifying and uncovering their unknowns.

Accepting the status quo means continuing to struggle with unknowns: unidentified subnets, unmanaged devices, and orphaned assets. Staying the course means reacting to every incident at the hands of the adversary who knows the network better. Federal agencies need a solution that holistically addresses their network and asset visibility challenges.

runZero is a Cyber Asset Management solution that delivers comprehensive asset inventory–quickly, easily, and safely. Discovering IT, OT, virtual, and IoT devices across any type of environment is simple with runZero's active scanner, which doesn't require any credentials. Layer in runZero's integrations with CMDB, EDR, VM, and cloud solutions, agencies can enrich existing IT & security infrastructure data with detailed asset and network data. By combining active scanning with API integrations, runZero helps security teams cultivate a wide and deep understanding of their networks and assets, so they can zero in on risky assets, security coverage gaps, and compliance issues.

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