Your integration solutions for Microsoft and Salesforce Technologies!

Over 15 national departments and public sector agencies across the globe trust Connecting Software to break down data silos and achieve seamless integration between their critical applications.
Our solutions address a common challenge faced by public sector institutions: the need to unify data from disparate sources to gain insights, improve efficiency, and enhance citizen services. This applies to old or new systems and any cloud and on-premises combination.

Here's how Connecting Software's solutions specifically benefit the public sector market:

  • Connect Bridge integration platform: Integrate data from various systems to create a holistic view of operations. This powerful platform allows you to build integrations without extensive coding expertise and within a shorter time.
  • CB Exchange Server Sync: Ensure your team's calendars, contacts, and tasks sync across multiple Exchange servers. Facilitate communication and scheduling among agency personnel, reduce conflicts, and enhance collaboration.
  • CB Exchange Server Sync for GCC-High: Tailored for organizations handling sensitive data, meets the stringent compliance requirements of the Government Community Cloud High (GCC-High). It offers a secure way to sync data across Exchange environments within this elevated security framework.
  • CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator: Safeguard sensitive information in Dynamics 365 by replicating permissions automatically to SharePoint. This ensures that documents stored in SharePoint inherit the same access restrictions defined in Dynamics 365, maintaining compliance and data security.
  • Document Extractor: Automatically move files from Salesforce to SharePoint, leaving a link in Salesforce for improved document management and reduced storage costs.
  • CB Blockchain Seal: Seal your documents with blockchain technology so that you can verify their authenticity and integrity at any time. This offers an immutable audit trail for your documents, making it easier to maintain public trust.
  • With these solutions, Connecting Software empowers public sector agencies to deliver efficient, cost-conscious, services to their communities.