Empower First Responders to Develop, Maintain, & Rebuild Personal Resilience

TIAG’s “mResilience” (mRes) mobile application is purpose-built for first responders and is available in both law enforcement and firefighter versions. mRes pairs secure access to agency peer support contact information and department-specific resources with evidence-based stress management tools as well as culturally relevant health and wellness tips. The law enforcement version is a National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Vetted and Approved Wellness Provider/Program.

The mRes mobile app includes a core set of tools and resources for mindfulness, breathing regulation, guided meditation, etc. that provide the user with evidence-based tools for reducing stress. These are combined with a peer support module that allows users to anonymously reach out for help. The real power is in the ability for an organization to easily tailor the content and keep it dynamically updated so that changes are reflected in near real time for end users. While mRes is intended for use on personal devices, this is done in a secure environment where only authorized users have access to the content. The organizational content is hosted in the Amazon Web Services “GovCloud” environment. No specific user data such as Personally Identifiable Information or Personal Health Information is collected. Other than knowing who the authorized pool of users is, the only other analytics are de-identified, aggregate user metrics. These metrics allow the customer agency to assess which tools are being used most frequently and for how long. We believe mRes is most effective when paired with a comprehensive resilience curriculum that emphasizes the evidence-based practices such as Mindfulness. The mobile app becomes a “freezing mechanism” that supplements content delivered in classes, by coaches, or pre-recorded content available via the app. The individual user is able to anonymously access the full range of organizational content in a manner that empowers them to explore new techniques and engage content without concern of being monitored. Our DoD and law enforcement experience has shown that if users think they are being monitored, they will not use the tool.

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mResilience provides first responders with useful tools to develop, maintain, and rebuild their personal resilience. Learn more about mResilience's features in this product brief.

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