Build a More Robust Supplier Network with Craft Supplier Intelligence

Craft is the leading supplier intelligence platform that helps supply chain, procurement and risk professionals discover, evaluate, and monitor suppliers to create stronger supply chain resilience by making it easy to find, consume, and act-on supplier data.

Craft’s supplier intelligence platform helps reduce the cost, time, and fatigue that results from finding and validating supplier data - often across multiple platforms and solutions, and instead, provides a single platform to access 350+ data points on suppliers around the world. Additionally, Craft alleviates the need for demanding data analysis techniques by doing the heavy lifting for you, and surfacing actionable insights that correspond to key supplier initiatives like risk mitigation, global and regional supplier diversity, ESG, and more. This one-stop-shop for supplier and company intelligence also provides users the ability to organize suppliers into various portfolios, perform analysis and gather insight, collaborate with one another directly, and take action that ultimately reduces risk and prevents disruption.

Craft also empowers your team to monitor the companies that matter most by providing curated email alerts and in-product notifications that ensure you get the supplier information you want, when you need it. Organizations use Craft to dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to gather supplier intelligence and create a new framework by which they can make more informed, proactive, and data-driven decisions.

Our clients, including Federal Departments and aerospace, defense and manufacturing Fortune 100 companies, SMEs, asset management groups, and others, use our technology for supply chain intelligence, market intelligence and related use cases.

Through our modular, secure, customizable portal, your team can monitor any company they are working with and drive critical actions in real-time.