Media creation, storage and management solutions deployed on premise or via cloud.

Avid develops and support software and integrated solutions for video and audio content creation, management and distribution. We are a leading technology provider that powers broadcasting, streaming media and other sectors. We achieve this by providing an open and efficient platform for digital media, along with a comprehensive set of creative software tools and workflow solutions.

Our solutions are used in production and post-production facilities; film studios; TV networks and stations; recording studios; performance venues; government and educational institutions; corporations; and independent creative professionals. Projects produced using our tools, platform and ecosystem include feature films, television programming, live events, news broadcasts, sports productions, commercials, music, video and other digital media content. With over one million creative users and thousands of enterprise clients relying on our technology platforms and solutions around the world, Avid enables its customers to thrive in today’s connected media and entertainment world.

Avid’s growing product portfolio is rooted in providing open and extensible products that ensure our long-term position with customers. Our software and integrated solutions, as well as our services offerings, address the diverse needs, skills, and sophistication levels of our customers. In addition, we provide flexible deployment models, licensing options and commercial structures so our customers can choose how, when, and where to deploy and use our tools.

Having helped establish the digital media technology industry, we are building on a 35-year heritage of innovation and leadership in developing content-creation solutions and platforms. We have R&D operations in five countries. Our R&D efforts are focused on digital media content creation, distribution, and monetization tools as well as the media platform. Our efforts also include highly optimized media storage solutions, standards-based media transfer and media asset management tools and ingest and playout solutions to cover the entire workflow.