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Radiant Logic, Inc. is the market-leading provider of federated identity systems based on virtualization. Since pioneering the first virtual directory in 2000, the company has evolved its groundbreaking technology into a complete federated identity and directory service, enabling Fortune 1000 companies to solve their toughest identity integration and federation challenges.

The federated identity and directory service, RadiantOne FID, integrates identity data from across a heterogeneous infrastructure to provide a centralized virtual hub between an organization’s applications and its backend identity stores. This hub includes complete profiles of each user with no duplicates, which facilitates Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC). RadiantOne also offers plug-in support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) including token cards, certificates, PIV/CAC cards, and biometrics, without sacrificing the performance of legacy infrastructures. RadiantOne also supports dynamic groups, so you can flexibly create groups and define membership across diverse stores to facilitate fine-grained authorization

Top government agencies and organizations--the IC Community, DHS, DOS, NIH, DOL, DOE IRS, USDA, FAA, DOJ and many more--use our federated identity and directory service to boost security and create better cross-departmental collaboration. RadiantOne has been included in several public sector security reference architectures.


  • RadiantOne FID

    A federated identity and directory service that integrates identity data from diverse data sources (multiple AD domains and forests, LDAP directories, SQL databases, web services, etc) to offer a central identity hub with complete user profiles for authentication and authorization.

  • HDAP

    The proprietary storage component of the RadiantOne FID platform involved in storing, searching, and discovering identity information. It provides scalability and persistent caching to speed information retrieval of the most current user identity data.

  • RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS)

    Provides two services in identity management: object synchronization and identity correlation.

  • RadiantOne Cloud Federation Service (CFS)

    Provides the RadiantOne suite with a complete identity provider (IdP), packing identity information from the virtual directory into authentication tokens that can be relayed to on-premises and cloud-based applications, enabling single sign-on for users.

Remote Access

Radiant Logic facilitates secure access for remote system access. Working remotely is highlighting the need for a flexible, multi-domain identity service that provides a single, comprehensive view of all users, all their identities and all access rights no matter how complex the underlying source repositories.

Examples of systems where identity data integration is a necessity for large/dynamic enterprises include SSO, IGA, PAM, RBAC, ABAC, Joint-Agency Collaboration, Cloud Migration, Directory services, and more. Built on Big Data and Virtualization – Radiant Logic’s federated identity and directory service operates like a reusable Swiss Army Knife for identity data integration, honoring existing investments that are mission-critical while accelerating new initiatives.

Radiant Logic's federated identity and directory service is the foundation for an interoperable, collaborative and future-state, zero trust identity architecture. 

The result - only the right users have the right access, based on their specific mission need.

For an objective view of the (new) future of identity management, download the refreshed and timely TechVision Research enterprise IAM strategic action plan:

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For additional information on the benefits of Radiant Logic supporting remote access please access this site:

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Case Study

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Product Brief

RadiantOne provides a federated identity and directory service based on identity and context virtualization, combined with a high-capacity/ high performance directory based on big data technology. Working with your existing identity stores, RadiantOne FID delivers faster deployments, lower integrati...

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