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Trellis Secure Chat - Knowledge Mastery and Competitive Advantage

Leverage genAI to get more from your sensitive data

The world is quickly being divided between those who have knowledge mastery and those who continue to use traditional methods of retaining corporate data. Trellis Secure Chat, has been designed to overcome the challenges of leveraging generative AI across a sensitive knowledge-based and diverse data set.

With this new Trellis Data technology, your organization can elevate its knowledge retention rates to above 90%, ensuring valuable insights are always accessible. This increase ensures all the ‘gold’ within an organization can be retrieved and used to deliver unprecedented competitive advantage, higher success ratios, better job satisfaction and unprecedented growth potential - especially for early adopters.

Discover how to combine generative AI with your sensitive dataset with Trellis Secure Chat.

TIP Secure Speech - Fast, accurate transcription and translation of sensitive audio

Save time, and money with AI-driven speech-to-text

In the digital age, using voice commands for everyday tasks is common, yet the adoption of AI-driven speech-to-text in many critical sectors still lags due to trust concerns. Trellis Data is changing the game, offering secure and accurate solutions for transcriptions and translations, that go far beyond the public-facing options.

We know that correct evidence gathering, proper intelligence, and precise recording of conversations is paramount. That’s why Trellis Data has developed a proven platform designed to deliver savings in both time and money, all while protecting your sensitive information. Turning both past and present conversations into text enriches your data and helps you make faster decisions.

It’s time to embrace these technologies, as they hold the key to transforming your industry or government agency. 

Trellis Data's award-winning secure speech-to-text technology is accurate, multi-lingual, time-saving, bespoke, integrated, and includes support for enterprise implementation.

Discover how to leverage the value in your audio data with Trellis Secure Speech

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