Smartwatch Fitness Tracker for Government

Fitbit offers personalized, convenient ways for individuals to manage their health and wellbeing that encourage smarter choices and incremental change. Powered by an on-wrist and in-app experience, Fitbit supports every person with motivation to reach their personal goals.

Fitbit offers public sector employees an engaging and motivating solution to help them better understand their health and wellbeing with the latest wearable innovation and a personalized user experience that assists them in achieving their health and wellbeing goals.

Our award-winning lineup of Fitbit devices, both trackers and smartwatches, offer a wide array of health and wellness tracking features, including physical activity, heart rate, sleep quality, and stress levels, and health engagement features like reminders to move and celebrations. Our devices are a low-cost, high-value care intervention that allow companies to reach more people in more places.

Fitbit Premium is an in-app experience that delivers personalized insights and advanced longitudinal analytics, guidance with 1,000+ of workouts and mindfulness sessions, and a wellness report – all in one place.

Our mission at Fitbit has always been to help make everyone in the world healthier. Our products and services are built on proven behavior change science, knowing that health is very personal and change starts with whole-person care anchored in an individual’s own preferences, values, and motivations.