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Modern, mobile-friendly software driving results and promoting quality practice in child welfare.

Binti builds modern, user-friendly software to make child welfare more effective, efficient, and equitable. We are a mission-driven enterprise that believes that leveraging cutting-edge technology and data will promote positive outcomes for all child welfare stakeholders, especially the children.

Since launching in 2017, we have scaled quickly to serve over 400+ agencies across 33 states, including 9 statewide implementations. Our growth is fueled by measurable results: Binti has helped agencies increase the number of new foster families licensed by an average of 30% in the first year alone, in 18% less time. Our intuitive software tools saves social work time by up to 40% all with a 3-10x ROI from cost savings and Federal compliance reimbursements.

Binti’s end-to-end, modular CCWIS and Family Finding software is designed to help state agencies drive quality practice across every stage of child welfare. We're reinventing child welfare with technology and want to learn how we can support your organization.