Splunk ES and Risk Based Alerting for Government

Splunk® Enterprise Security is a powerful security tool used by many organizations.  However, a lot of security teams struggle with getting full value from the platform as they contend with an ever-changing environment and competing priorities.

Outpost Security specializes in delivering security outcomes for your program by leveraging the full potential of Splunk ES and Risk Based Alerting.  Our suite of prescriptive products and services have been deployed at organizations of all sizes, including global companies with over 350,000 users.

Stuart McIntosh founded Outpost Security after he gave the very first talk on RBA in ES at .conf 2018.  Since then, Outpost Security has successfully implemented RBA in Splunk ES environments collectively monitoring over 1 million endpoints.

Our hybrid approach delivers end-to-end success to your security program by supporting technical, tactical, and team priorities across your entire security organization, whether its 3 people or 30 people.  With Outpost Security as your Splunk security guide, you will achieve:

  • Security visibility & capability that keeps pace with ever changing infrastructure,attackers, and requirements.
  • Identification and remediation of threats before an attack is completed.
  • Effective security teams that work seamlessly together, are not overwhelmed, and are not falling behind.

Regardless of where your security program is today or what your level of maturity is, by leveraging our market leading Splunk ES & RBA experience, you can see impactful results in as little as two weeks.

Contact us today for a free Splunk ES & RBA Readiness Review and take a step toward the future of defensive security in your organization.


“What Outpost RBA delivered for us would have taken us 5 years to do on our own.”
- Global IT Security Director

“I’ve seen a shift in the team – their interest in jumping-in, writing rules, changing how they’ve been thinking, and getting excited. I can’t think of anything we’ve done in years that has engaged the entire team like this.”
- Incident Response Lead

“Outpost delivered beyond what we expected.”
- Director Threat Defense

“Once I understood what Outpost RBA actually was – I knew we had to make time to get this implemented” - Director Security Automation “Every other solution we looked at was an incremental change. I knew we needed to change the game. Outpost RBA did exactly that.”
- Global IT Security Director