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Government agencies require security solutions that focus on protecting critical information and reducing risk to national security. Zero Trust cybersecurity approaches treat all network traffic as untrusted in an effort to prevent unauthorized access to essential data and services.


Carahsoft and our vendor partners have assembled a portfolio of products and services to help government organizations operationalize Zero Trust networks. Our partners provide solutions that align with Zero Trust maturity models that have emerged in the public sector, including initiatives from the NIST, DoD and CISA.


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Zero Trust Security Vendors Safeguard Government Networks

To strengthen the public sector’s cybersecurity defense, agencies need to implement Zero Trust principles that safeguard networks at every entry point. Carahsoft supports solutions that help government organizations:

  • Understand Zero Trust frameworks
  • Develop a Zero Trust strategy
  • Implement a Zero Trust architecture

View Zero Trust technology solutions from our vendor partners below.

  • All Zero Trust Vendors
  • Identity (17)
  • Device (15)
  • Network/Environment (16)
  • Application Workload (14)
  • Data (16)
  • Visibility & Analytics (7)
  • Automation & Orchestration (6)
  • Governance (8)

All Zero Trust Vendors

Trends in Zero Trust Technology

Zero Trust Security Events 

Hosted By: AWS & Carahsoft
Carahsoft September 26, 2023
Carahsoft 11:00 AM CT

Hosted By: Alchemy Global Networks, Splunk & Carahsoft
Carahsoft September 27, 2023
Carahsoft 2:00 PM ET

Resources on Zero Trust Principles

10._Why_Zero_Trust_Starts_with_Identity_Security.jpg ZERO TRUST RESOURCE
Tackling identity management in moving toward zero trust is an intense focus for agencies right now, whether they have overarching federal security responsibilities or are working to implement zero trust solely across their own enterprises.


1._Addressing_Zero_Trust_for_Government_-_The_Role_of_Identity_Security.jpg ZERO TRUST RESOURCE
Governments around the world are enacting stronger cybersecurity mandates in which Zero Trust features as a central theme. Today’s ever-evolving threat landscape depends on being able to continuously verify, manage and secure identities to prevent breaches.