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Transforming Organizations with AI and Content Management Solutions.

mavQ provides organizations with an AI-driven, low-code content services and automation platform on which they can not only store content, but also apply validations, and extract valuable data and insights out of that content. Historically, organizations would have to rely on multiple vendors and cobbled together integrations to achieve this goal. mavQ replaces that with a modern, API-driven, microservices based architecture that boasts over 150 connectors to simplify integrations with modern CRMs like Salesforce, and others.

MavQ Intellisuite

Most public sector agencies, as well as commercial sector organizations, deal with very large corpuses of content, which is often stored and used in silos, and remains unprocessed. Examples include:

  • Standardized Official Government Forms
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contracts
  • Annual Reports
  • Spreadsheets, Tables, Charts
  • Images, Videos, Audio
  • Emails
  • News Articles

Using nuanced proprietary AI models like image enhancements, document rotation, language translation, and nested table detection, mavQ provides quick value to organizations without the need for a third party system integrator, or custom code.

Our investment in these proprietary AI models ensures that the customers benefit from the configurability, as well as have the power to train their own models, or onboard their existing pre-trained AI models to mavQ. This both protects their existing investment, and reduces vendor dependency.

Using mavQ products, most organizations are able to go live within six weeks, either by deploying on our cloud environment, the customers’ cloud environment, or data-center, which makes it ideal for today's fast moving enterprise.