• GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Health and Human Services

    The COVID-19 response forced immediate changes to health and human services missions that will bring long-term benefits. State and local governments are now embracing cloud-based and data-driven technologies to improve efficiencies and drive better…

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  • HHS in Transition

    GovTech's research team examines how the COVID crisis forced immediate changes to health and human services missions that will bring long-term benefits.

    • Healthcare Technology, All
  • Focusing on Outcomes that Matter

    Government organizations don’t need to “rip and replace” to reduce technical debt, improve outcomes and digitally transform. Rod Bremby, Health and Human Services Industry Executive for Salesforce, suggests a path forward.

    • Healthcare Technology, Salesforce
  • Using Data to Navigate Change

    Anthony Young, Senior Manager of Solution Engineering for Tableau, provides strategies to improve the speed and quality of decision-making. A key takeaway: Let go of perfection.

    • Healthcare Technology, Tableau
  • Virtualization: Rapid, Flexible and Cost-Effective Path to Digital Transformation

    Herb Thompson, VMware State and Local Education Strategist, discusses how organizations can modernize application development and digitally transform to meet their mission and serve citizens, regardless of the situation.

    • Healthcare Technology, VMware
  • Integrating the Continuum of Care

    Boomi's Healthcare CTO Evangelist John Reeves discusses how integration platform as a service (iPaaS) simplifies integration across the enterprise, speeds time to value and improves patient outcomes.

    • Healthcare Technology, Boomi
  • Improving Citizens’ Digital Journey Through HHS

    Megan Atchley, Health and Human Services Director for Adobe, explains how government organizations can achieve quick wins to improve services, simplify content creation and reduce costs.

    • Healthcare Technology, Adobe
  • Re-Imagining Healthcare

    Clifford Goldsmith, U.S. Chief Medical Officer for Microsoft, discusses how the pandemic is driving innovation that enhances the patient experience, improves collaboration for clinicians and patients, and refines operations management.

    • CMMC, Healthcare Technology, Microsoft
  • Sonny Segal: The Pandemic Teaches Us Modernization is Possible

    Sonny Segal, former CIO of Montgomery County, Maryland, discusses the importance of digital services in HHS; what he’s learned about delivering cost-effective, future-friendly modernization strategies to replace aging legacy systems; and the benefits of…

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