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Defending the Public Sector with Cloud-Based Security, Observability and Search

From monitoring and securing sensitive software systems to powering searches across public records, the Elastic platform mines and reports on valuable information from numerous data sources. With timely and trusted data handling, query and response, Elastic offers real-time situational awareness for both on-premises and cloud hosted environments, giving public sector agencies and institutions new techniques to protect their networks and critical assets.

Elastic partners with Carahsoft to help the public sector instantly find relevant information and insights from large amounts of data. Our strategic partnership helps government agencies and institutions accelerate data intelligence through multiple procurement contracts and educational events. Leverage the power of search through a diverse set of cloud-based applications and use cases.

Elastic also offers complementary consulting, development, technical audits, training, and support services to ensure government agency and institution users accelerate workflow processes by finding the right information instantly. Elastic products are fully compatible with legacy systems to help the public sector achieve a seamless IT modernization.

Elastic cloud is FedRAMP authorized

Elastic's FedRAMP-Certified Cloud Platform

Discover flexible and secure cloud solutions and services to support the needs of your end-users on a unified data platform. Experience security and scalability with Elastic Cloud, a FedRAMP authorized platform, available on AWS GovCloud, that protects data and increases operational visibility.

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Elastic Enterprise Search

Elasticsearch enables the public sector workforce to access, view and search for data in order to deliver effective, successful missions. Whether developing a customer experience or utilizing search capabilities to extract relevant performance insights, Elastic Enterprise Search scales, modernizes and protects agencies and educational institutions.

Data-Driven Insights

Elastic search for quick insights

Elastic security for system & cloud protection

Unify Your Security Defenses

Elastic Security empowers public sector organizations with unified SIEM as well as endpoint and cloud security to protect vital systems and cloud environments. Detect, respond and investigate threat actors across your attack surface.

Elastic Security Solution Brief

Observability Every Step of the DevOps Lifecycle

As agencies and education institutions move workloads to the cloud, Elastic Observability helps provide visibility into their hybrid environments. Monitor and gain actionable insights to optimize critical applications.

Gain Observability into Applications

Elastic observability for multicloud monitoring

Connect with an Elastic expert

Connect with an Elastic Specialist

Schedule a meeting to learn more about Elastic Cloud, Security and Observability solutions.

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