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Search. Observe. Protect.

The Elastic mission is to make the power of search — the ability to instantly find relevant information and insights from large amounts of data — available for a diverse set of applications and use cases. When you hail a ride home from work with a ride-sharing service, Elastic informs the systems that locate nearby riders and drivers. As Sprint operates its nationwide network of mobile subscribers, Elastic tracks and manages daily website performance issues and network outages. When Indiana University welcomes a new student class to Bloomington, Elastic supports cybersecurity operations that protect thousands of devices and critical data across collaborating universities in the Big Ten Security Operations Center. All of this is search.

From monitoring and securing sensitive systems to powering search across public records, Elastic products can be used to mine and report on valuable information from log, network, geospatial, structured, unstructured, and cybersecurity data. With timely and trusted data handling, query and response, and real-time situational awareness for both on-premises and hosted computing environments, Elastic also gives agency professionals new techniques to protect their network and information assets.

Deployed throughout U.S. federal government agencies NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is using the Elastic Stack to analyze billions of telemetry data points from the Curiosity Rover, 150 million miles away, in real time. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is using the Elastic Stack in its mission to safeguard the digital information generated by the fastest supercomputer in the world. The US Army Futures Command is enriching, correlating, and rapidly indexing data for more effective insider threat detection with the Elastic Stack. Our products are built to help agencies perform real-time search and analytics at unprecedented speed and scale.

Flexible, compatible solutions and services for government users The Elastic Stack and related solutions are designed to run on premises, in public or private clouds, or in hybrid environments. Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is FedRAMP authorized and available on AWS GovCloud. Elastic products are fully compatible with legacy tools to facilitate IT modernization. Elastic also offers a full complement of consulting, development, technical audit, training, and support services to ensure government user success with cleared personnel who have experience in agency programs, standards, and requirements.




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