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Government agencies are responsible for leveraging data to make critical decisions that impact anything ranging from the daily lives of citizens to matters of national security. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) the public sector can efficiently and securely manage data while ensuring compliance is maintained.

Carahsoft’s technology portfolio includes the best-of-breed AI, ML and HPC capabilities to help government agencies connect technology and industry partners with solutions that fulfill mission needs. Our solution and service providers help agencies harness information and insights to improve mission-critical decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology Providers

AI, ML and HPC are data tools that can be applied to design, analytics, modeling, simulation and many more use-cases that lead to better outcomes and improved processes. Carahsoft’s vendor partners provide solutions that help the public sector:

  • Automate analytical processes
  • Provide real-time access to information
  • Derive meaningful insights from data

Explore Carahsoft’s AI and ML portfolio for trusted, secure solutions from our vendor partners.

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Graph database technology is a powerful tool for federal agencies to make sense of complex data, pinpoint issues and even enhance cybersecurity. CPO at Neo4j, Sudhir Hasbe explains its significance and capabilities including the comprehensive visualization tool, enabling agencies to make informed decisions and improve operations.
In this ebook, experts from industry and public sector offer a glimpse at the latest technology developments, share best practice tips and reveal the early value that AI is delivering to agencies across government.
Agencies need AI so they can make decisions based on the most relevant and most current information — and make those decisions in a timely manner. They are strategically planning and developing roadmaps for their expansion of AI — thinking through how to implement the technology expeditiously while protecting the data so critical to mission success.

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