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Discover how to transform the potential of your workforce.

Bryq is a talent intelligence platform that assists agencies in quickly hiring the right people and empowering existing employees to reach their full potential. With Bryq's cutting-edge AI technology and advancements in I-O psychology, People & Culture professionals and senior executives can enhance employee performance, reduce hiring costs and effectively manage talent in line with their goals.

What sets Bryq apart is its innovative assessment methodology, which goes beyond traditional evaluations of skills and experience on resumes or LinkedIn profiles. By delving deeper into candidates' character traits and unique qualities, Bryq provides valuable insights into their suitability for specific roles. Supported by high-quality scientific research in industrial and behavioral science, Bryq ensures accurate and reliable recommendations. Given that several agencies are grappling with the challenge of transforming and transitioning to online test proctoring and digital platforms, with certain instances still relying on outdated paper-pencil assessments, Bryq's seamless administration, mobile friendliness and secure data handling can add significant value to government entities.

Bryq creates a talent pool that allows candidates to be considered for multiple roles after taking the assessment just once. For government organizations, such as cities, dealing with a high volume of repeat applicants, this feature becomes immensely valuable. By tapping into the talent pool, recruiters can reduce retests and gain valuable insights for open position recommendations, providing a significant advantage for recruiting professionals.

By allowing the platform’s users to upload performance data for current employees, Bryq empowers HR professionals to identify the specific personality traits and soft skills that distinguish high performers in each role. This information enables the creation of optimized profiles for each position, making the recruiting process even more precise and efficient.

Bryq's talent pool not only facilitates external hiring but also acts as a catalyst for internal staff mobility within government organizations. The unique insights provided by Bryq's assessment allows HR professionals to identify key characteristics that may be lacking in low-performing employees' current roles. Armed with this knowledge, they can explore alternative positions within the company where these employees' soft skills and strengths align more effectively. For government organizations, where turnover rates are usually low, Bryq's focus on internal mobility becomes even more critical. By guiding HR professionals in creating optimized career paths for employees, Bryq helps retain talent and fosters a dynamic work environment that encourages growth and development.

Bryq also offers the unique capability to measure company culture, drawing on time-proven methodologies in I-O psychology. Bryq's in-house I-O psychologists can analyze an organization's cultural pillars and map them to the personality traits Bryq measures. This creates a customized indicator for each company's culture, which can be used to evaluate cultural affinity for both new and existing employees.

Embracing a constantly evolving and inclusive world, Bryq empowers individuals and organizations to thrive. With a comprehensive suite of features, Bryq equips users with the necessary tools and insights to unlock the full potential of their workforce. By leveraging Bryq, organizations can navigate the complexities of talent management, make informed decisions, and drive their success to new heights.

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