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Transform Access Control With Zero Trust Continuous Authorization

StrongDM provides a Zero Trust PAM platform tailored to the needs of public sector organizations. StrongDM takes on the challenges of modern infrastructures and new threats with a straightforward approach to Zero Trust security. We make sure that the right people get access to the resources they need, exactly when they need them — no more, no less.

With Just-in-Time Access, StrongDM helps enterprises eliminate standing privileges across their critical infrastructure. By applying the following components and features, the StrongDM platform ensures that access exists only in the moments when it is needed, providing a blend of security, simplicity, and compliance:

Strong Policy Engine: Our Cedar-based policy engine is at the heart of our Zero Trust approach, allowing you to create and enforce fine-grained access controls. Tailor who gets access, to what, and when — ensuring the right people have the right access at the right time.

Frustration-free Access: We believe security shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why StrongDM is designed for simplicity, enabling users to securely access the resources they need without frustration. It’s about making your day smoother, not more complicated.

Complete Visibility: With StrongDM, you get a bird’s-eye view of your digital environment. Track who accessed what and when, ensuring transparency across your infrastructure. It’s the clarity you need to make informed security decisions.

Workflows for Just-In-Time Access: Our workflows empower your team with just-in-time access, reducing the attack surface without hindering productivity. Access is granted when needed and pulled back when done, all automatically.

Seamless, Code-free Integration: You can continue using your existing vaults or secret stores hassle-free with StrongDM. Integration with your current tools is seamless, and applying policies is a breeze. Best of all, there's no need to recode your apps or move your secrets.

StrongDM supports a wide range of integrations and systems across the tech stack, including databases, Kubernetes clusters, containers, and more, and helps enterprises achieve the following:

Reduce Agency Attack Surface Through Context-Based Access Policies StrongDM enables security and compliance teams to remain in compliance despite evolving environments with streamlined policy administration. The Strong Policy Engine allows admins to enforce policies that consider factors such as device posture and geo-location to adjust access controls dynamically. By narrowing access based on contextual parameters, agencies reduce their attack surface.

Secure Access in Real-Time with Continuous Authorization With StrongDM, enterprises can monitor user authorizations in real-time, dynamically enforcing security access controls. It enables them to reduce vulnerabilities and ensure only the right users have access to systems and data, based on their current behavior and context. This adaptability ensures organizations can navigate the evolving threat landscape while maintaining operational agility.

Empower Secure Vendor Interactions in Public Sector Organizations Modern environments need the ability to grant external parties controlled and secure access to resources and systems based on predefined policies and permissions. StrongDM allows you to eliminate traditional VPN-related inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities, and instead, use Just-in-Time access and federated identity capabilities to ensure that vendor interactions are streamlined and secure. It allows you to improve operational efficiency and strengthen security postures, ensuring that sensitive public sector data and systems are protected against unauthorized access.

Enhance Security Standards and Compliance With StrongDM, you can streamline audits by maintaining detailed logs and video replays of every query and command for compliance and security. Uphold rigorous security standards, comply with regulatory mandates like NIST, and improve operational efficiency in the public sector.

Streamline Requests Through Centralized Access Management StrongDM democratizes secure access to infrastructure for the public sector, enabling control and monitoring of access to databases, servers, and Kubernetes clusters across different hosting environments on the cloud and on-prem.