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Proofpoint protects your people, data and brand against advanced threats and compliance risks. Built on the cloud and the world's most advanced intelligence platform, our solutions help you effectively detect and block targeted attacks and respond quickly to suspected compromises.


Threat Protection

  • Email Protection

    Proofpoint Email Protection solutions—deployed as a cloud service or on premises—protects your customers against malware and threats that don't involve malware, including impostor email, and business email compromise (BEC). Granular filtering controls spam, bulk "graymail" and other unwanted email.

  • Email Continuity

    If your customers moved to a cloud-based inbox like Microsoft Office 365, service outages can be a concern. Email Continuity lets your customers continue to send and receive email when mail servers are unavailable. This always-on capability that means important messages get through—and their business keeps running.

  • Personal Webmail Defense

    Proofpoint Email Isolation provides your customers with a robust, multi-layered approach to protecting their organization's internal email. It also gives them the ability to detect compromised accounts.

  • Personal Browsing Defense

    Proofpoint Browser Isolation is based on intelligence from Targeted Attack Protection (TAP). It protects your customers across both personal webmail and browsing activities across the web. It is the easiest security solution to deploy and manage.

  • Cloud Account Defense

    Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense (PCAD) protects Microsoft Office 365 users from account compromise. With PCAD, your customers can detect, investigate and defend against cybercriminals accessing their sensitive data and trusted accounts. Our powerful forensics and policy-based controls helps them monitor and remediate based on the risk factors that matter to them.

  • Targeted Attack Protection

    Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, mitigate, and block advanced threats that target your customers via email. We detect known and unknown threats that use malicious attachments and URLs using both dynamic and static analysis. TAP is unmatched in stopping spear phishing attacks that use polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and credential stealing techniques to access sensitive information.

  • Threat Response

    Proofpoint Threat Response helps Incident Response teams understand, prioritize, and contain security threats. It collects alerts from major SIEMs, email security solutions - like Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection, malware sandboxes, and other custom alert sources and automatically: enriches security alerts by adding internal and external context and intelligence, confirms malware infections, and checks for evidence of past infections.

Ecosystem Protection

  • Digital Risk Protection

    Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection secures brands, employees and customers against digital risks across websites, social media and the deep, dark web. It’s the only solution that gives your customers a holistic defense for all their digital engagement channels.

  • Email Fraud Defense 360

    Business email compromise (BEC) costs companies billions, and consumer phishing is at an all-time high. The majority of these email attacks can be prevented. By leveraging the power of email authentication, Proofpoint EFD360 protects organizations from all phishing attacks that spoof trusted domains, and helps your customers understand who is sending emails across their entire enterprise.

Information Protection

  • Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Help your customers secure, automate and simplify their communications with our policy-based encryption of messages and attachments. Protect your customers' sensitive email messages while ensuring their affiliates, partners, and end users always have access to secured messages from any device.

  • Cloud App Security Broker (CASB)

    Proofpoint provides world-class people-centric security for email and apps in the cloud. To provide our customers better protection for their cloud apps such as Sharepoint Online, OneDrive, Skype, G Drive, Box and more, we offer Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker, a new breed of CASB.

User Protection

  • Security Awareness and Training

    Proofpoint Security Awareness Training (formerly Wombat Security) delivers the right training to the right people at the right time. Help your customers learn to identify cyberattacks and protect their organization. Proofpoint provides a uniquely effective suite of research-based security awareness and training products to empower your customers.

  • Closed Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR)
    Help your customers reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks by teaching end-users to report suspicious emails with a single, integrated click. Reported messages are automatically dissected and analyzed.

Essentials for SMB (Up to 1000 Users)

  • Essentials for Small Business

    Our cloud-based Email Security, Continuity, Encryption and Archiving is built for small businesses. It's based on the Proofpoint enterprise-class security & infrastructure but offered at a price that delivers cost-savings and value for small businesses. Essentials is available in 4 tailored packages: Beginner, Business, Advanced and Pro.

Product Integrations


Proofpoint Contract

GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Schedule 36

GSA Schedule No. 47QSWA18D008F Term: August 22, 2018 - August 21, 2023

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- December 19, 2021

State & Local Contracts

City of Seattle Contract

Contract #0000003265 Term: December 19, 2021


Contract # CMAS 3-12-70-2247E Term: through March 31, 2022

Maryland Master Contract (COTS)

Project No.: 060B249002, Term: September 30, 2027

NASPO ValuePoint

Term: through September 15, 2026

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA - TCPN)

Term: through November 30, 2021

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Through May 31, 2020 (with 2 option years)

State of Indiana Contract

Contract Number: 0000000000000000000021430 Term: August 1, 2017 – July 31, 2021


Contract Number: UVA1482501 Term: May 2, 2014– December 19, 2021



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Proofpoint Enterprise Archive helps you meet the ever-present demands of litigation. Our proven capabilities dramatically reduce the costs of e-discovery and improve the defensibility or your archiving and retention processes.Enterprise Archive helps you:Eliminate the hassle, time, and cost of elect...

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a cloud-based archiving solution that simplifies legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and end-user information access without the headaches of managing an archive in-house. It provides a central, searchable repository of a wide variety of content types.

Proofpoint EFD360 protects your employees, customers and business partners from all forms of email fraud. It provides the visibility and controls you need to stop impostor email attacks before they reach the inbox. Learn more how EFD360 can help your organization.

Provides out-of-the box visibility and enforcement without the complexity and costs of legacy or disparate solutions. Automatic classification and transparent encryption is centrally managed at the gateway.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection SaaS Defense detects malicious files in Google Drive, OneDrive,SharePoint, and Box to safeguard your organization against hidden threats in cloud-based file-storage apps.

Protect your people from spam, malware, and even non-malware threats with accurate classification, granular control, and visibility into all email communication.

Stop threats before they reach your people and respond quickly when things go wrong. Our innovative solutions prevent, detect, and notify you of advanced threats – through email, mobile, social, and the desktop – and help you resolve them before they cause lasting harm.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps detect, mitigate and block advanced threats that target people through email. This includes attacks that use malicious attachments and URLs to install malware or trick users into sharing passwords and sensitive information. TAP also detects threats a...

Today’s threat actors target people to bypass network security controls. Our people-centered approach to security and compliance provides the tools you need to make your Office 365 deployment a success.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training helps you deliver the right training to the right people at the right time, turning your end users into a strong last line of defense to identify cyberattacks and protect your organization.